Incheon Welcomes Those Seeking Healthy Outings!

Top-10 Contactless Tourist Destinations in Incheon
Photograph Provided by
Incheon Tourism Organization


It is difficult to go out or plan a trip these days, due to COVID-19.
However, luckily, there are some safe destinations that offer smaller crowds and clean nature.
The Incheon Tourism Organization has selected its ‘Top-10 contactless tourist destinations in Incheon,’ and here they are.

1 Ijakdo Island
Puldeung, Gaettigil

Puldeung is an island of sand that appears only two times a day, at low tide. This sand island marks the highlight of any trip to Ijakdo Island. Puldeung, a marine sanctuary of about 1.5 in area, can also be viewed from atop Buasan Mountain. People can access the island by boat if they make a reservation at Jakeunpulan Beach on Daeijakdo Island. While on Soijakdo Island, visitors can complete the Gaettigil hiking trail and visit the Tourist Information Center.

2 Gyodongdo Island
Daeryong Market,Manghyangdae Observatory

This is an island where North Korean refugees from Hwanghaedo Province have maintained the feel of the 1960s and 1970s. Daeryong Market, a revival version of the North’s Yeonbaek Market, features old shops like cafés, a tailor shop, and drugstores, and there are mural paintings that depict daily life from that era. The atmosphere is perfect for drumming up nostalgia.

3 Seogmodo Island
Minmeoru Beach, Bomunsa Temple

The length of Minmeoru Beach is 1 km, stretching out far enough for people to experience both the wetlands and pleasant camping. Another site, Bomunsa Temple, features a statue of a seated Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, carved from the ‘Nunsseop Rock (Eyebrow Rock).’ The sunset viewed from around the statue is absolutely stunning, inducing an endless flow of tourists.

4 Donggeomdo Island
Ganghwa Nadeulgil,Camping, Art Theater

Donggeomdo is a small island of just 2.3 in total area. The entire island serves as a campground and its mysterious atmosphere creates fantastic sunset scenes. There is even an art theater there called DRFA365 that only screens art films, year-round, or people can also enjoy a wetland experience and mud-hopper fishing. This island is optimal for those who crave a comfortable rest to go with their camping experience.

5 Seonnyeobawi Beach & Geojampo Beach

At Seonnyeobawi (fairy rock) near Eurwangni Beach, people can comfortably enjoy a swim while appreciating the scenes of the beach and the rocks that inhabit it — along with the beautiful sunset. Geojampo Beach, makes it virtually the only place in the metropolitan area where both the sunset and sunrise can be observed. Maedorang, which is nicknamed ‘Shark Island,’ due to its shape resembling a shark’s fin, shows off yet another spectacular perspective of the sunrise.

6 Gyeongin Ara Waterway
Bike Riding, Camping

Gyeongin Ara Waterway is called ‘bikers’ paradise,’ as the scenery on the bike-riding course along the waterway is utterly fantastic, serving as the starting point for the nationwide bike trail. Riders will encounter Jeongseojin and its exquisite sunsets, along with the relaxing environment of Ara Waterfall. A variety of water sports are available here, such as canoeing and kayaking, and there are also campgrounds for auto camping and glamping.

7 Gyeyangsan Mountain Dulle-gil Trail
Trekking, Kkotmaru (Flower Bed)

Gyeyangsan Mountain Dulle-gil Trail is the no. 1 course for Incheon’s Dulle-gil trails, designated in 2017 as an excellent forest trail by the Korea Forest Service. The scenery of Incheon’s downtown, as seen from on high, is truly a work of art. At the nearby Gyeyang Kkotmaru (flower bed), beautiful flowers bloom each season, such as pink muhly, canola, and cosmos. This has made it a famous spot for young people’s photo sessions.

8 Songdo Central Park
Water Activities, Night Scenery

Songdo Central Park is a representative tourism resource for Songdo and, at the same time, the first established park that uses actual seawater. Visitors to the park can not only partake in water activities with water taxis, canoes, kayaks, and family boats but can also enjoy the views of the night lights and skyscrapers that make the park a representative spot for taking in the scenery after dark.

9 Shindo-Shido-Modo Islands
Bike Riding, Baemikkumi Garden Beach Art

The islands of Shindo, Shido, and Modo, which are called the ‘Three-Brother Islands,’ are connected to each other with bridges, forming one big island. The road is excellent for biking, hiking, and driving. Other recommended activities are electronic-scooter riding on Shindo Island, swimming at Shido Island’s Sugi Beach, and visiting the Baemikkumi Garden Beach Art on Modo Island.

10 Kuropdo Island

Kuropdo Island has the nickname of ‘Korea’s Galapagos,’ as it boasts untouched nature and is the cleanest among all of Incheon’s islands. The island is highly appreciated and recommended as a ‘must-go’ place in Korea. People can see pearl millet and wild deer on the island or take advantage of the lack of light pollution to view the Milky Way on summer nights. This is the reason that Gaemeori Hill on Kuropdo Island is referred to among campers as ‘the holy place for backpackers.’

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