The Guardian of an International City

Nothing is more important than safety. Is a life lived with a sense relief not the most enriched life possible? The existence of Incheon Songdo Fire Station is reason enough for the nearly 160,000 citizens of Songdo International City to feel safe and at ease. Packed with high-rise superstructures and crowded multi-purpose facilities, Songdo leaves no room to let one’s guard down. The team at Incheon Songdo Fire Station spends 24 hours a day with a full sense of responsibility on their shoulders, knowing that the safety of Songdo International City depends heavily upon them.

Incheon Songdo Fire Station

Citizens’ Safety Guardian Born of Its Citizens


Incheon Songdo Fire Station opened on December 1, 2017. The opening itself showed the yearning of the citizens of Songdo International City. At the citizens’ meeting in 2014, the need for a fire station was raised. Discussions continued up until December 2015 before a budget was finally secured, and construction started in November 2016. Since then, Incheon Songdo Fire Station has been committed to ensuring safety and comfort for the citizens of Songdo International City.
Standing at the ready to take on any kind of fire, disaster, or accident, Incheon Songdo Fire Station operates 119 Safety Centers. They serve as the heart of safety for the area. In Songdo International City, there are actually two hearts pumping, at present: Mirae 119 Safety Center and Shinsong 119 Safety Center. Both centers are equipped with infrastructure tailored to each city’s special features. Having been developed as a global business city, Songdo International City, in particular, has many skyscrapers. In order to effectively respond to accidents that may occur at any time, high-ladder vehicles are ready to be deployed. Shinsong 119 Safety Center is equipped with a 53-meter high model, while Mirae 119 Safety Center’s is 70 meters high. With these vehicles, it is possible to reach the 16th floor up to 23rd floor. Meanwhile, the equipment and facilities used for fire suppression are all up-to-date and cutting edge. With its coverage extended due to its variety of infrastructure, Incheon Songdo Fire Station now covers Yeongheung 119 Safety Center, as well.

Unchangeable Value: Protecting Citizens’ Lives and Property


As the old saying goes, ‘Be prepared and you have nothing to worry about.’ In readiness for prompt response to a fire, Incheon Songdo Fire Station maintains thorough preparedness 365 days a year. For large construction sites that represent major fire risks, regular on-site adjustment drills are operated to perform pre-checks on the best routes to reach the site, along with access roads and extinguishing facilities.
Joint drills are also operated with public institutions, and education on fire safety is provided for citizens through various fieldtrip programs. Education varies according to participants’ levels of receptiveness. For students, education is focused on prevention: how to report a fire, how to escape a fire, and how to use fire extinguishers. For users of facilities and people in businesses catering to an unspecified multitude of people, education is more professionally oriented, such as how to use and examine fire facilities. In the future, the plan is to establish and operate more practical education systems that can be utilized in case of an emergency, such as firefighting safety tips or CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) training.
‘To protect the lives and property of citizens and strive for different kinds of training and education.’ This is the clear existential reason Incheon Songdo Fire Station was established. As the center of Songdo International City’s safety, Incheon Songdo Fire Station will never stop striving to achieve its fundamental goals in 2020.

Joint Training for
in Preparation against Complex Disasters in
Songdo’s Underground Common Duct

On November 28, 2019, the IFEZ held joint training for civil-government-military-police in preparation against a possible complex disaster in Zone 5 and 7’s underground common duct. The training session was organized to build reinforced counter-disaster capacities against possible disasters and establish an organically cooperative system among related entities. For the training, about 100 people from 10 organizations participated: the IFEZ and Incheon Facilities Corporation (the organizers of this training), Songdo Fire Station, a cooperative organ against disasters, the 17th Infantry Division, Incheon Yeonsu Police Station, Korea Electric Power Corporation (an exclusive organization), KT Corporation and SK Broadband, the Water Facility Management Center of Incheon Metropolitan City Waterworks Headquarters, and Incheon Total Energy Company.
The focus of this training was checking up on ‘prompt follow-up measures’ by investigating the emergency recovery systems of each relevant institution within the common duct. Participant organizations were educated on their duties and roles for each responding organization in the face of a complex disaster.
As it was designated Level ‘Na (Second)’ for major national facilities in February 2017, Songdo International City had its common duct installed over a 19.57 km stretch from Songdo Zone 1 and 3, Zone 5 and 7 to Zone 8 and has 10 base facilities, including electricity, waterworks, telecommunications, and ducted heating.
The IFEZ has installed a hotline with fire stations, the military, and police in order to allow prompt measures to be taken in the occurrence of a disaster, with 24-hour guard operations and disaster management systems in the underground common duct.