Growing Relief in the Kitchen Garden

Growing Relief in the Kitchen Garden

Taking Care of the Happy Kitchen Garden in Songdo


This year, despite the pandemic, the IFEZ Global Center once again offered an urban farming experience to a group of foreigners living in IFEZ.
This served as a great relief for those who have been struggling through the situation with COVID-19.

Birth of an Urban Healing Place

IFEZ Global Center hosted an orientation for 12 lucky individuals selected among those who applied through social media for the Songdo Happy Kitchen Gardening event. This program was designed for individuals with no previous farming experience, aiming to provide tips on farming 101 and how to choose seedlings and seeds. Participants borrowed farming tools from the rental service station at the entrance and proceeded to prepare the soil. For this, they added soil conditioner (bio-tea) and compost (plant-based) to be mixed in with the soil. As this is an organic farm, no chemicals were used. Participants will continue to grow produce and tend to the farm until November, all while interacting and providing updates through social media.

Foreigners residing in IFEZ participate in Songdo Happy Kitchen Gardening
Kitchen Garden near Song-il Elementary School in Songdo
Orientation prior to Kitchen Gardening


I used to take care of a garden at home in Belgium, and I missed it so much. That’s why I applied for this program. I believe this Happy Kitchen Garden is an excellent opportunity for us to share our experiences and spend time together. I can’t wait to grow and taste the carrots, beans, zucchini, corn, basilica, and herbs from this farm.

The kitchen gardening that I participated in last year served as a great refresher and was all the more special because I did it with my daughter. I planted herbs and vegetables that are hard to find at the supermarkets here. Because I grew them myself, they were particularly delicious. I would love to share what I learned last year with all the new participants.

Thank you, IFEZ, for giving us such an opportunity. I believe it is a great idea to think about sustainability and connecting nature, food, and community at this difficult time. I hope IFEZ can continue to offer this opportunity for years to come.