IFEZ’s Safe and Convenient Smart City

IFEZ’s Safe and Convenient Smart City

A smart city that runs on cutting-edge technology can provide a pleasant lifestyle for its residents.
This is the clear image that IFEZ projects.
Let us consider some of the changes brought about by technology for everyday life in IFEZ.

The stop in front of Incheon Startup Park is about two or three times longer than other bus stops. It is designed as a shelter where people can enjoy a short break rather than just as a spot where you wait for the bus. It provides a pleasant environment for users by filtering out dust and ensuring clean air, and it enables easy connections with the emergency control center in case of an incident.

+ Bus stop system
SAFETY : CCTV, defibrillator, emergency bell, facial-recognition CCTV
CONVENIENCE : Cooling and heating, BIS bus stop and route information
CLEAN AIR & ENERGY : Air-cleaning system, ceiling air purifier, indoor and outdoor air-quality measuring system, LED lighting

IFEZ developed BAROBUS as a smart city platform-based bus information system. Among the 409 bus information devices in use, 143 provide information in both Korean and English. This information includes bus arrival times, seat vacancies, weather reports, fine dust levels, etc.

In IFEZ, bicycle paths sometimes overlap with bus stops, posing a danger to riders and bus users. As a first among local governments, Yeonsu-gu is operating a smart bicycle road system to prevent accidents. These smart roads will use LED lights to give real-time information on bus arrivals and bicycle entry in connection with BIS data.

+ Enter bus stop ID on the Map app!
· Songdo 1-dong Community Service Center : 38012
· Shinsong High School : 38024
· Bakmun Girls’ High School : 39799

The first tech-friendly CU opened in Songdo, and this shop enables customers to enter and make payments all through facial recognition. The CU Samsung Bioepis Store, which opened in January this year, uses a cloud POS system to provide membership or partnership discounts not available at other smart convenience stores. This makes the shop very easy to use, as well as fast and convenient.

If a user prefers not to use the face-scanning feature, he/she can use the QR code on the CU Buyself app for entry/exit. The face-scanning and payment system launched as an industry-first by BGF Retail is much easier and simpler to use than standard mobile authentication that requires QR scanning at every use, and it also ensures stronger security.

+ Strengthened security system
· Smart CCTVs provide a customized security system without any blind spots
· When an abnormality is sensed, the control center dispatches security personnel 24/7

About 30 AI cameras, including vision cameras (product tracking), motion cameras (people tracking), and 360 cameras (store recording), follow customers in the store, while electric price tags provide product and discount information.

+ Cloud POS system
Providing various services, such as discounts for carriers that are not available at general smart convenience stores

When a user finishes shopping, he/she can place the product(s) on a counter sensor that accurately detects weight changes (within 15 g). Payments are then made through the selected method that the user has registered on the app, and receipts are also sent to the app.

+ CU Buyself app
· A self-checkout app developed by BGF Retail in 2017 for the first time in the industry
A tool for entry and payment at tech-friendly stores
CU membership-based entry recognition: safer and easier for follow-up actions