Delicious IFEZ City Tours

Enjoying the chic life is fine, but enjoying the tastes that come along with it is really the best option out there. Great food is the highlight of any travel experience. With this in mind, the IFEZ is a ‘delicious area.’ The joys of eating overflow in abundance across the IFEZ. Songdo, Yeongjong, and Cheongna International Cities are distinguished in their developmental concepts, but the tastes on offer here are also uniquely diverse. Let’s take a quick look at the many flavors that make up each city; these delicious city tours can be enjoyed by all those visiting the IFEZ this winter.

Global Foods Worthy of a Global City


What are the keys to globalizing Incheon? The answer lies in Songdo International City. Songdo is not an international city in name alone: it is home to the most UN and international organizations nestled in Korea; it houses the campuses of major global universities; it boasts of an international population from various countries and receives constant visits from waves of foreign tourists.

As such, diverse examples of international foods can be relished in the city itself. Korean foods comprise the basic fare, while Western foods are available at exclusive restaurants, along with local foods infused with Pan-Asian aromas — the variety of foods go on and on. Songdo International City’s most widely known food street is Convensia-daero. Near the Korea Coast Guard building, visitors can easily spot restaurants that have long claimed local supremacy over the area, with roots dating back to the city’s early development. However, tradition-honored restaurants are not the only ones offering tasty dishes these days. Since Incheon National University, Yonsei University International Campus, and Incheon Global Campus (IGC) joined in the area, new restaurants have popped up to garner the appeal of younger appetites.
And for those who prefer uniqueness over the standard dining experience, a simple journey across the street — across from the Korea Coast Guard building — will reveal a range of exceptional restaurants all along the residential complex that lines the road.

Some restaurants attracting attention include those putting forward traditional Korean take-out menus re-interpreted for a globalized palate. Perhaps that’s what makes these restaurants so popular with foreigners and locals alike.
Meanwhile, Technopark Station, also known as the ‘Mecca of Shopping,’ is really a one-stop option for those seeking a variety of foods. Here, distinguished shopping malls, such as Hyundai Premium Outlet, Triple Street, Homeplus, and Honestar Mall, are all interconnected, allowing visitors to enjoy Songdo without having to worry about what the winter weather has in store.

Cozy Meals to Match the Waterside City


Cheongna International City is a ‘Water City.’ The enormous Cheongna Lake Park flows out from the center of the city, while its streams span the regions on either side like rib-bones extending out to reach residential areas, further adding flare and pleasantry all over. As the symbol of this city is the water that runs through its heart, the tastes of Cheongna truly flow along its local waterways.
Canal Way lies at the center of all flavors. The food street formed between the Cheongna-1-dong and Cheongna-2-dong Community Service Centers is bustling on any day of the year.

Crowded with weekday workers or weekend families, friends, and couples, hungry mouths flock to Canal Way for a taste of Cheongna International City’s finest dishes. The menus on offer are diversified: Korean, Japanese, Western, family friendly, desserts, and many more.
For families, Canal Way is especially popular. The reason for this is the safe surrounding environment provided. The streets leading to the food street are exclusive to pedestrians and free of traffic. Children can safely run around and play while adults enjoy leisurely meals without concern.

In any discussion on the tastes to relish in Cheongna International City, the multi-purpose facilities of Square 7 cannot be omitted. Most of the restaurants listed in search engine results for the keywords ‘Cheongna Matjip (restaurants famous for taste)’ are located in this area. Another attractive point is that visitors can enjoy their meals while staying nice and warm indoors during the winter.

Fresh and Hot Tastes to Match the Surrounding Sea


Yeongjongdo is a ‘good’ island in every sense imaginable. It provides visitors with the good fortune of encountering an island and the surrounding sea simply by crossing over a bridge from Incheon, Seoul, or other metropolitan areas. While the summer sea is sure to bring joy, the winter sea is romantic and equally captivating. Add an array of tastes to match this romantic scenery, and your trip is sure to be made perfect.

Famed established restaurants are hidden in every corner of the island, but in order to ensure full enjoyment of ‘the tastes of the sea,’ the vicinity around Eurwangni Beach and Wangsan Beach is perfect. Here, a warm bowl of soup serves as the authentic remedy to thaw out a frozen body in winter. Yeongjongdo’s signature dish is highlighted by handmade noodles floating in a soup rich with seafood delicacies. The chewy noodle texture and refreshing soup round out the basic formula here, while the abundance of shellfish presented keeps visitors busy in their task of enjoyment. As another option, grilled clams remind diners of the joys of being near the sea. While their taste is simply superb, the added fun of grilling the different sizes and shapes of clams is truly incomparable.

Dining on freshly caught raw fish is another ‘must’ to enjoy. In short, these refreshments from the Yellow Sea deserve our undivided attention.
Even so, Yeongjongdo is not just about enjoying tastes retrieved from the sea; there are also many cafes to be found where visitors can drink in the beautiful sea views over a steaming cup. In order to guarantee gorgeous scenery, the cafes are mostly located along the beach. Drinking warm coffee while appreciating a picturesque sunset is simply the perfect recipe for a memorable time! Famous for its beauty at twilight, the well-known Masian Beach also has a bakery nearby where many visitors gather to taste freshly baked bread. And if you would rather enjoy the tastes found in the island’s city center, you should consider a stop along the foreigner-specialized street in Unseo-dong. Here you will come face-to-face with a variety of eateries embracing the global environment of the nearby Incheon International Airport.