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The healthcare industry is being speedily integrated with the digital industry. KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) has introduced healthcare products that have successfully entered next-generation businesses in fields all over the world.

Written by Jang Yeon-ju, Market Information Team, KOTRA

A doctor on hand—digital healthcare

A keyword in today’s healthcare business is ‘self-evident’: the digital integration of healthcare must have reached a stabilized stage, for a great number of global enterprises are launching innovative businesses. At the center of all of this, needless to say, is the smartphone. There has been a remarkable increase in cases offering multi-faceted healthcare solutions by interconnecting healthcare equipment with smartphones.

Source World Trends That Will Excite Korea in 2020, KOTRA, Sigongsa, 2019
Reporters Lee Hyeon-kyeong (Washington), Kim Su-hyeon (Chicago), and Ko Chung-seong (Fukuoka), KOTRA Overseas Offices

Say goodbye to hunched backs! Upright-go, USA ¹


The US company Upright Technologies has released a posture-corrective wearable device called Upright-go. Attach a coin-sized device to your back and its sensors will check your posture and send real-time data to a mobile application. Upright-go may be set for either training mode or tracking mode. In training mode, the device will vibrate whenever your posture is not ideal, sending an alarm for you to correct it. In tracking mode, the device analyzes your posture in real-time and then provides you with details on how often you maintained good posture throughout the day.

Taking care of your daily sleep needs EarlySense, Japan ²


NeuroSpace, a Japanese sleep-tech company, in its striving to solve peoples sleep problems, has now released EarlySense. This device can be placed under the bed mattress for it to collect data on your heart rate, breathing, and movements during sleep. This sleep analysis is stored in an app and systematically managed and used as a basis for suggesting a customized prescription for better sleep. The company is also actively developing business models, such as an application developed jointly with ANA to help users get over jetlag and an IoT project developed jointly with a mobile telecommunication company, KDDI, based on sleep data.

Ultrasound imaging from home Butterfly iQ, USA ³


In the USA, where accessibility to ultrasound testing is generally low due to high medical fees, Butterfly Network has developed a small-sized ultrasound system that makes easy medical checkups and treatment possible. Butterfly iQ is a stethoscope-type network device that users can employ to scan their own body and then confirm the data on their mobile or tablet computer. Scanning is possible not only for the heart and stomach but also for a fetus or musculoskeletal systems. Butterfly Network has plans to develop further telemedicinal technology by utilizing augmented reality.

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