The World’s Largest Elevator Company,
Otis Elevator Company Completed Construction of Otis Korea R&D Center and Production Facilities

Integrated Operation of R&D and Production Units in Korea at Songdo


The world’s largest elevator company, Otis Elevator Company, completed construction of Otis Korea R&D center and production facilities. On June 20, the completion ceremony for Otis R&D center was held in the Otis Elevator Korea site, located in Knowledge and Information Industrial Complex in Songdo International City, IFEZ. At the event, the IFEZ General Director Yoo Byeong-yoon, the President and CEO of Otis Elevator Company Judy Marks, and Otis Elevator Korea President Ikseo Cho participated.
With construction started in October 2018, the Otis Korea R&D center and production facilities comprise a plant building and office building on four floors, with a total area of 15,600㎡. With its completion, the units of R&D and production that had been separated in Seoul, Incheon, Changwon, and other cities are now all integrated in Songdo International City. Otis now plans to nurture the R&D center and production facilities in Songdo International City to become an R&D hub in the Asia-Pacific region. Based on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its digital technologies such as IoT, Cloud, and Big Data, the center will focus on implementing development for the IoT-connected elevator that enhances the connectivity of passengers and elevators. The production line for core parts established at the center is applied with cutting-edge technology, such as the controlling unit of the elevator.


As the R&D center and production facilities are now established in one space, Otis expects the lead time from development and design to quality tests to be reduced, and for the divisions of technology and product development to create synergies. Yoo Byeong-yoon, the IFEZ General Director, said, “We are delighted that the core R&D center of Otis is now in the IFEZ.” He added, “The investment into the IFEZ from global companies such as Otis is continuing. This shows the competitiveness of the IFEZ as a global city.”
Judy Marks, Otis Elevator Company President and CEO said, “I hope Otis Korea R&D center and production facilities will be even more advanced so that it will contribute to the development of Otis, the local community of Incheon, and the elevator industry of Korea.”

[Company Introduction]

Otis Elevator Company

– The largest and the oldest elevator company in the world
– Established in 1853 by Elisha Otis, who invented the world’s first modern elevator
– Revenue: USD 12.9 billion (As of 2018), 68,500 employees
– Installed elevators for the world’s landmark buildings (the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, Burj Khalifa, Petronas Twin Towers, and Lotte World Tower)

[Project Introduction]

Construction of Otis Korea R&D Center and Production Facilities

– Location: Knowledge and Information Industrial Complex in Songdo International City
– Area: 15,600㎡
– Constructor: Otis Elevator
– Foreign Investor: United Technologies Corporation (UTC, the parent company of Otis Elevator Company)
– Major Facilities: R&D Center, High-tech production HQ, Modernization System Center, etc.

Otis Gen2 Life® Tops the List of
INNOSTAR 2019 Certification for Elevators

The Otis Gen2 Life® elevator topped the list of INNOSTAR 2019 certification for elevators. It is given to the most innovative product based on the results of customer satisfaction surveys. The INNOSTAR certification is given to such goods and services recognized for innovative features by consumers’ assessment on quality, function, design, and stability. Otis Gen2 Life® elevator won the highest grade in all assessment items of innovation, function, convenience, quality, and stability, the first in its industry to have won the top for five consecutive years.