Zones 3 and 4 of
Global Park in Songdo International City Development

Autumn is just around the corner, which means it is time to enjoy outdoor activities that we had avoided under the blazing summer sun. A space for enjoying peaceful leisure time and delightful games with family, friends, or a special someone has been provided in Songdo International City. Zone 3 and 4 of Global Park are now open, and the parks will be another green place in the city, along with Central Park.

Different Style, Different Joy


After finishing your shopping spree at Hyundai Premium Outlet and enjoying a nice meal at Triple Street, it would be fantastic to take a peaceful walk in the park colored in lush green. Just five minutes by walk from Technopark Station, Incheon Subway Line No. 1 where the representative arcades of Songdo International City are located, there is an excellent park.
Completed after 21 months’ construction from the groundbreaking in 2017, Zone 3 and 4 of Global Park are now open to the visitors. Zone 2 of Global Park, since its opening in 2018, has been loved by citizens and visitors of Songdo International City as a cozy shelter.
The areas of Zone 3 and 4 of Global Park are 108,775㎡. The spacious park is full of lush green and various and joyful leisure activities. As many as 4,291 large trees, such as pine trees, were planted. 33,046 small trees, including azalea, and 45,000 plants, including chrysanthemums, were also planted to form a beautiful scenery with blossoms of the season.


The characteristics of joy of Zone 3 and Zone 4 are different from each other. In Zone 3, with its theme of ‘a park that is wonderful place for reading,’ cultural facilities consisting of a cafeteria, book cafe, and outdoor theater are available for visitors. Plus, the beautiful night scenery of Songdo offers a special appeal. If you are outgoing and active, Zone 4 is the perfect place for you. A soccer field, futsal arena, and basketball court are provided to support sports activities of citizens. A playground for kids and large-scale waterpark for summer are also waiting for visitors. In addition, shower facilities, foot washers, and shade canopies where people can watch their family members playing around in the shade are also installed.

In March 2020, Zones 2, 3, and 4 of Global Park will be connected. As of now, the sidewalk between Michuhol Park, which is located near Global Park, and Nuri Park is the only path. To offer better accessibility to citizens, the IFEZ plans to connect the parks, from Michuhol Park via Nuri Park, to Zones 2, 3, and 4 of Global Park. When the connection work is finished, the area will emerge as another green zone of Songdo International City, along with Central Park.