Discovery of a Unique Space for
“Maniacs” in the IFEZ

Songdo Dog Park and MTB Park

Dalbit Park in Songdo International City is where the Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival is held every summer. It is quite ironic that this place bursting with passion is also a cozy and comfortable space for dog lovers. Songdo Dog Park is the largest playground for puppies in Incheon. Since its opening on April 29, many dog lovers have visited the park.

There is a growing number of Korean pet keepers. Good news for these pet lovers! Songdo Dog Park is now open in Songdo International City. As evident by the title, the park is for dog lovers. Construction began in August 2018, and the park opened on April 29 this year. Songdo Dog Park spans across the spacious green grass square of Dalbit Park. An external fence was installed for safety and privacy. On the fence, there are some information boards reminding users to take care of their dogs. At the main gate of the park, there is a large map of “world dogs,” exhibiting dogs and their characteristics by continent and country.
A huge bone model welcomes visitors at the entrance. The Songdo Dog Park Management Center registers visitors, who fill out a simple document with their personal information and enter. It is a must to register your pets before visiting. Fierce dogs cannot enter the park.

The 5,500㎡ Songdo Dog Park has three zones for different pet sizes: small, medium, and large dogs. Slopes, including Mobius slope, puppy tunnel, drinking fountain, shelter, and puppy pool are in the park for the enjoyment of dog lovers and their best buddies. When going home, they can use the vacuum cleaner at the park to get rid of dust.
A visitor with his pet said, “I often visit Songdo Dog Park to enjoy the free activities and refreshing environment with my puppy. Recently, more and more dog lovers are visiting, even from far away. I hope the park extends its hours.”
The IFEZ decided to establish Songdo Dog Park in September 2017 when they gleaned the opinions of citizens on installing a playground for dogs.

Songdo Dog Park

Dalbit Park, 26-1, Songdo-dong,
Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea

9 a.m. to 6 p.m., March-November
* Closed on Mondays and in winter

How to Use
Registration of pets is required before visit.
Fierce dogs are not allowed.

MTB Park, a Place for Bike Enthusiasts

Dalbit Park, 14, Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea

Moving toward Songdo Bridge 1 with the seaside road, Songdo MTB Park is located at the end of the road. Finding it can be tricky; you must make a right turn as soon as you enter the road to Songdo Bridge from the seaside road. However, once you enter the park, a unique joy will overtake you with rewarding sensations.
It would be a total misunderstanding if you imagined the asphalt road of ordinary new cities. The road here is covered with soil and rocks to maximize the attractiveness of mountain bike riding. There are various riding courses beginning from the starting point of the huge park.

Don’t forget to prepare your safety devices, such as helmet and guards. In addition, food, drinking, smoking, and littering are not allowed in the course.
These dynamic courses designed for MTB riding will bring you thrills and excitement not found on general bike lanes. You can ride more safely by becoming fully acquainted with the course map at the corner of park to prepare for any unexpected situations.