Lotte Mall Songdo Gets
Conditional Pass in Structural Safety Investigation

Soon to Start Construction, with Completion Aimed for 2022

Lotte Mall Songdo has received a conditional pass in the structural safety investigation ahead of its construction.
Following the construction permit’s amendment in July, the recent pass result in the structural safety investigation,
a procedure that precedes the start of construction, has opened the way for construction to finally begin, making its 2022 completion goal a realistic target.

New Central Commercial Area Expected along with GTX


The Construction Committee, held in the IFEZ, passed a resolution on the structural safety investigation for Lotte Mall Songdo on August 22. Based on this resolution, LOTTE will file related documents, including the Amended Report on Construction Start, to the IFEZ. Upon its approval, LOTTE will begin construction. Other administrative procedures for the mall are undergoing smooth progress, while the GTX-B project has also been confirmed for implementation, signaling the positive prospect of construction. Located in close vicinity of Incheon National University Station, currently under consideration as a possible departure point for GTX-B, Lotte Mall Songdo has the potential to generate strong synergic effects.


As a shopping complex currently under construction within Zone 4 of Songdo International City, Lotte Mall Songdo’s 21 floors will house a hotel offering 305 guest rooms, a movie theater with 1,600 seats in 8 cinemas, and shopping facilities. For step 1 of the construction project, Lotte Mart was completed in December 2013. In step 2, the construction of business facilities and an officetel (multi-purpose residential and commercial building) was finished in 2019. Supposing the move forward to step 3, which entails the construction of the shopping mall complex, Lotte Mall Songdo is expected to be completed in 2022.

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