Groundbreaking Ceremony for Songdo Waterfront Zone 1-1 Construction

The “Songdo Waterfront Project,” the mission project of Incheon and the IFEZ, has finally commenced. The Songdo Waterfront Project will connect the lakes and waterways of Songdo International City in a square pattern, marking the birth of the Venice of Asia and another landmark of Korea.

Launch of Construction for World-class Marine Waterfront City


On May 27, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Songdo Waterfront Project was held on the 7th floor of the Arts Center Incheon in Songdo International City. More than 500 people attended the ceremony, including NamChoon Park, Incheon Metropolitan City Major, lawmakers of the district, citizens, and others. The ceremony kicked off construction work for Songdo Waterfront Zone 1-1.
The ceremony was held to promote the Songdo Waterfront Project and to celebrate the groundbreaking. Before the official ceremony, Samulnori, Korean traditional percussion quartet, was performed, followed by the project introduction and procedure report. The event then ended with the ribbon-cutting ceremony, in which 300 citizens cut the tape in a square pattern, symbolizing Songdo Waterfront waterways. A photo session was then held.


So far, there have been ups and downs in implementing the Songdo Waterfront Project. However, through meetings between Mayor NamChoon Park and citizen representatives in November 2018, construction was slated to begin in the first half of 2019. Related administrative processes were accordingly taken in the shortest period possible, enabling the project to commence for Songdo Waterfront Zone 1-1.
Zone 1-1 has been the leading business in Songdo Waterfront construction and is a gateway that links Songdo International City and the West Sea. By 2021, approximately KRW 65 billion will be invested to install a canal and watergate to secure safety in flood control. In addition, a grass stand, water-friendly terrace, labyrinth garden, waterside trails, and other various spaces for the community will be established.
Mayor NamChoon Park said, “Finally, we are beginning the first step of the grand project of establishing Korea’s landmark, Songdo Waterfront.” He added, “Beginning from Songdo Waterfront Zone 1-1 construction, the city government will implement the follow-up projects for Songdo International City to be reborn as the Venice of Asia and a marine waterfront city.“