Arts Center Incheon’s
First Anniversary: Achievements and Vision

It would be no exaggeration to say that the cultural and artistic level of Incheon is distinctly divided between the eras before and after the building of Arts Center Incheon. In the year since its grand opening in November 2018, citizens have shown that the center has gone on to surpass their zeal and expectations. As Korea’s representative space for culture and art, it has drawn benign appreciation from audiences and critics alike with its series of performances to meet superb standards that exactly match the glorious hosting environment that is Arts Center Incheon. Let us now reflect on year one while envisioning the future and a new beginning.

Opening Ceremony held on November 16, 2018
The Creation, by La Fura dels Baus
Piano recital by Krystian Zimerman
Arts Center Incheon strives to popularize classical music among citizens

Accomplishments of the Past Year

On November 16, 2018, the historic opening ceremony and performances were held in celebration of Arts Center Incheon’s unveiling. As if reflecting the high level of interest and enthusiasm from the city’s inhabitants, tickets for the opening performances sold out in just one minute. Incheon’s representative orchestra, the Incheon Philharmonic Orchestra, and famed Italian orchestra ‘Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia,’ featuring pianist Cho Seong-Jin, presented performances that both gratified and touched the audiences in attendance.


After its successful first year, Arts Center Incheon started the year 2019 under the theme of ‘The Creation,’ with the concept of ‘birth’ included. Festivities kicked off with La Fura dels Baus’ The Creation, a sensational piece performed to match a world-famous theater’s opening. Hosting the performance for the first and only time in Korea, Arts Center Incheon solidified its strong reputation within Korea’s cultural and artistic circles. The stage curtains opened on a full-fledged season highlighted by unimaginable originality in combining classical art and cutting-edge visual arts, including a 1,000-liter water tank, a crane to direct wires, and projection mapping.
On March 26, legendary pianist Krystian Zimerman visited Arts Center Incheon. His invitation served as a motive to draw attention from the country’s classical music circles once again. Arts Center Incheon has consistently hosted variegated planned performances, ranging from sensational works that might be anticipated by classical music enthusiasts and world-renowned artists’ visiting performances for most casual classical music fans and general audiences to enjoy light-heartedly.

Vision for a Tomorrow to Come

Arts Center Incheon plans to host over 60 performances a year. In efforts to reduce any psychological distance felt toward the theater as one exclusively meant for classical music, Arts Center Incheon is also preparing open-house concerts and performances featuring a series of popular repertoires. In addition, it plans to serve as a driver of local art promotion by cultivating and collaborating with local artists to help Incheon’s hyper-jump as a global city of culture and art. Through such efforts, it is expected to achieve collateral advancement in developing the old city center while attracting new investments in the IFEZ.


Arts Center Incheon was developed as part of an international city development project with the aim of growing the IFEZ as Asia’s economic and cultural center. As such, there are additional projects planned with increased expectations. In step 2 of the project, an Opera House and museum are set for construction. By the time the development of the Art Fore, a shopping complex, has been finalized, Arts Center Incheon will have been established as a global cultural complex to lead international cultural trends.

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