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Just before the festival season began, something unexpected hit Korea: the outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF). With this viral disaster, big and small festivals across Incheon were either canceled or postponed indefinitely. Arts Center Incheon was no exception. After all the preparations for ‘ONE DAY FESTIVAL’ — a grand celebration honoring the center’s first anniversary — it looked as though all of the planned outdoor performances and events would have to be cancelled. It was like a red marker was being scrawled over all efforts to host a successful festival. However, concerns turned out to be ungrounded. On the celebrative day of the festival, 5,000 visitors came forth to fill Arts Center Incheon and enjoy various performances while celebrating the first anniversary of Korea’s supreme-class performance theater.

High-class Audiences Encounter
High-class Performances

On October 12, Arts Center Incheon wrapped up its ‘ONE DAY FESTIVAL: Inside Out’ to great success. Held on the day before the first anniversary and Incheon Citizens’ Day, the festival was arranged as a reward for its patrons’ interest and love shown over the past year. ONE DAY FESTIVAL was an open-house festival organized by Arts Center Incheon, opening spaces where access was normally not granted to general audiences, such as a multi-purpose hall, rehearsal room, and studio, as well as concert halls. The event was welcomed with great enthusiasm. From 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., various performances were held in all corners of Arts Center Incheon, offering a broad range of choices to audiences and covering an eclectic mix of genres from classical music to crossovers, jazz, and storytelling theater.
The storytelling theater’s ‘Samyang Stories’ and the piano-talk concert’s ‘Travelling in Musical Cities of Europe’ were held in a rehearsal room, free of charge, attracting warm responses from visiting families who filled the hall from the early-morning sessions onward. The Concert Hall program, featuring ‘Ensemble DITTO’ and ‘Forte di Quattro,’ offered seats at KRW 10,000 and was attended by passionate crowds that assembled their enthusiasm from all over the country — displaying both the fame of the performers and the dedication of their fans. Successfully wrapping up ONE DAY FESTIVAL, Arts Center Incheon hosted the French music group, ‘Les Arts Florissants,’ led by world-class maestro William Christie, on October 17, presenting yet another high-quality performance with Handel’s Messiah.

Ensemble DITTO with Richard Yongjae O’Neill
Talk concert, ‘Travelling in Musical Cities of Europe’
Crossover vocal group Forte di Quattro
Storytelling theater, ‘Samyang Stories’

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