First Phase of Inspire Integrated Resort in
Yeongjong International City,
Scheduled to Open in 2022

World-renowned Resort Complex to Be Unveiled


Inspire Integrated Resort, Korea’s largest resort complex, which began its construction in May, 2019, is scheduled to open in 2022. The four-phase Inspire project in Yeongjong International City aims to build Korea’s largest resort complex in the IBC-III section of Incheon International Airport by 2031.
Phase 1-A, currently in effect with a budget of KRW 1.5 trillion, is scheduled for completion by the end of 2021, set to open in June 2022. It will feature three buildings that make up a 5-star hotel (1,256 rooms), a multi-purpose arena with 15,000 seats, a convention center, and a casino for foreign guests.
The construction of Phase 1-B, in which the indoor section of Paramount Pictures Theme Park is to be built, will begin in June 2021 with a budget of KRW 1.3 trillion and is slated to open in 2025. The second phase of construction, which will cover the outdoor section of Paramount Pictures Theme Park, will begin in 2024, once Phase 1 of the project has been completed.

Expected to Contribute to
Job Creation in the Regional Economy


With the cost of Phase 1 reaching a staggering KRW 2.8 trillion, construction and operation of this huge Inspire project is expected to create some 10,000 new jobs.
Construction in the first phase is expected to require some 28,000 workers, leading to KRW 5.8 billion in production and KRW 1.8 billion in added value. The completed resort will also employ about 10,000 people for its operation. Over a 30-year period of operation, the resort will create some 800,000 jobs, both directly and indirectly, and will lead to KRW 167 trillion in production and KRW 60 trillion in added value.
Once Inspire Integrated Resort opens, Yeongjong International City will boast a resort complex with Incheon International Airport at its center, which is expected to attract more than three million foreign tourists and over 600,000 transfer passengers to Korea every year.

Inspire Integrated Resort

Location : 542 Yongyu-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon
Project cost : About KRW 1.5 trillion (Phase 1-A)
Facilities : Three buildings comprising a 5-star hotel (1,256 rooms), a multi-purpose arena (15,000 seats), a convention center, and a casino for foreign guests
Completion : June 2022 (scheduled)