Ordeg Completes Construction of Production Facilities for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electrode Catalysts

Outpost to Become the Leader in the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Market


On November 23, 2019, Ordeg held a ceremony to celebrate the construction of its production facilities for hydrogen fuel cell electrode catalysts, in which Umicore, Belgium’s global high-tech materials company, made investments. The construction had begun in April 2019, and the facilities, built on a 10,287.2 ㎡ site, include a plant (2,104.6 ㎡ in building area and 4,243.0 ㎡ in gross floor area) along with subsidiary facilities.

Ordeg specializes in manufacturing and selling catalysts for purifying exhausts from cars, industrial catalysts, and electrode catalysts for hydrogen fuel cells. Electrode catalysts are included in MEAs (Membrane Electrode Assembly), the core part contained in a stack, which serves as the engine for hydrogen fuel cell cars. Electrode catalysts make electricity production easier in hydrogen fuel cell cars by producing electricity based on the chemical reaction between oxygen and hydrogen and using this electricity to run the engine. The IFEZ expects the completion of the manufacturing facilities to contribute to job creation, replacement of exports through localization of core parts, and stronger competitiveness in hydrogen fuel cell car markets and the hydrogen economy.

Leading New Technologies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution


Electrode catalysts in hydrogen fuel cells are a highly advanced technology with a high entry barrier. Marking a first in Korea, Ordeg succeeded in developing electrode catalysts and has gone onto supply Hyundai Motors since 2018. With hydrogen fuel cell markets expanding, the company chose Songdo to build Korea’s first production facilities dedicated to electrode catalysts for hydrogen fuel cells.

IFEZ Commissioner Lee Won Jae said, “We are pleased that Ordeg built its facilities in Songdo. A series of investments in the IFEZ by renowned international companies, including Belgium’s Umicore, are a testament to the IFEZ’s position as a global city leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”
Umicore CEO Marc Grynberg said, “We are proud to be in Songdo International City to run a manufacturing facility that proves Umicore’s commitment to the transition to clean mobility. We are confident that fuel cells will become even more important in both passenger and commercial cars.”


Ordeg’s manufacturing facilities for
electrode catalysts for hydrogen fuel cells


– Site : High-tech Industrial Cluster in Songdo International City
– Area : 10,287.2 ㎡
– Major facilities : Manufacturing and subsidiary facilities
– Expected effects : Job creation, localization of core parts, and leading position in hydrogen fuel cell car markets

Yujin Robot
Unveils iClebo G5 Black Edition

Yujin Robot officially released the iClebo G5 Black Edition, which is an upgraded version of the company’s top-selling robotic vacuum cleaner in 2019. Having completely sold out, due to its reasonable price and excellent cleaning abilities, the iClebo G5 has become a top-selling model in its class. Its innovative capabilities allow it to mop at the same time as it vacuums, and the model is also equipped with IoT functions. Furnished with a water bottle, this new product is capable of both vacuuming and mopping. It keeps the mop wet by adjusting the amount of water in three levels, and the simultaneous vacuuming and mopping makes it perfect for cleaning floors that are tough to manage given the everyday abundance of fine dust.

Meanwhile, its Gyro sensor ensures cleaning without any blind spots, bolstered by space analyzing algorithms and 17 obstacle sensors. It also offers some upgraded functions, such as automatic charging, scheduled cleaning, and voice guidance. The slim design (with a height of 8 cm) makes it possible to navigate under couches and beds, while it is also capable of climbing up a 1.5 cm-threshold, meaning it can move smoothly over baby mats and carpets. To top it all off, a handy smartphone application allows for remote cleaning. Needless to say, with its convenient cleaning controls and real-time monitoring, it is no wonder the iClebo G5 Black Edition has been well received for its cleaning capabilities and convenient features.