Recognition for Otis Elevator Korea, Bystronic Korea’s Breaks Ground on New Building, etc.

Recognition for Otis Elevator Korea’s
Technological Competitiveness

On April 28, Gen2Life, an elevator product by Otis Elevator Korea was ranked in the top spot as the ‘2020 InnoStar:
Korea’s innovative elevator product.’ This marks six years in a row for such a success and, this year, the elevator maker reinforced its strong global presence.

Panorama of Otis Elevator Korea’s R&D Center in Songdo

The ‘InnoStar’ ranking is announced yearly by the Korea Management Registrar Inc. Products and services are recognized for their innovation across several aspects, including quality, function, and design, as selected through consumer surveys conducted by Korea Research. Gen2Life, which has topped the ranking in the elevator section for six consecutive years, showcases outstanding customizability based on a global-standard design and strict safety criteria. Above all, the biggest feature of the elevator is that the drawbar apparatus uses a flat belt and not a steel-wire rope.

The flat belt is made of a soft polyurethane material inserted with a steel lead. This means that it remains thin, though it offers high tolerance. The pulse system for real-time monitoring of the belt’s condition uses IoT technology to boost stability. Cho Ik-seo, President of Otis Elevator Korea, said, “We will strive to continue to provide safe and differentiated products and services.”
Otis Elevator was founded in 1853, launched with the world-first introduction of a safety break for elevators.

Through continuous development and innovation, it has grown into a global leader in manufacturing, installing, and servicing elevator and escalator products. Its headquarters is based in Connecticut, U.S.A., and the workforce is made up of 69,000 employees, including 40,000 engineers, worldwide.

Agreement Signed for Gender-Balanced Inclusive Growth Partnership with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family

Bystronic Korea Comes to Songdo

On April 23, the groundbreaking ceremony for Bystronic Korea’s new building in Songdo was held.
When construction is completed in 2021, the company is expected to contribute greatly to the incubation of high-tech
industries and development of the local economy.

A small-scale groundbreaking ceremony was held in line with efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. For the event, around 20 employees from Bystronic Korea (Bystronic) and the constructor participated in the event. The duration of the event was approximately one hour, comprising of a report on the current status, the CEO’s opening remarks, and a salutation for safety.

The new building is scheduled for completion by 2021 and will serve as the headquarters for the corporate body in Korea, along with a demonstration center, education center, and parts center housed within the building. This construction represents the largest scale among Bystronic’s Asia-Pacific regional centers. In particular, the demonstration center will adopt a Smart Factory system to realize the production line with automated equipment appropriate for Korea’s processing style.

Bystronic is the nation’s top-ranked cutting-edge manufacturer of fiber-laser cutters. It leads revenue in the Asia-Pacific region and, in terms of performance, service, and logistics, the center’s size is equal to the center based in the U.S. Recently, with consideration for the COVID-19 situation, the company unveiled a ‘video remote-support service,’ which enables engineers to communicate by video without having to visit an actual site. The company wants to bolster its fame by seeking out various ways to support remote clients. Choi Young-chul, President of Bystronic, said, “The new building in Songdo has a huge significance in Bystronic’s global business expansion. As a hub facility in Asia, we will contribute to the development of Korea’s cutting-edge industries by assisting with the advancement of the local economy and creating jobs.”

Bird’s-eye-view of Bystronic Korea’s New Building

The enterprises reside in the IFEZ has got fruitful outcomes from home and abroad

Hana Financial Group Transforms Itself as a Convergence Information Company

On June 5, Hana Financial Group launched ‘DT University,’ a digital-bespoke integrated education platform to enhance the entire group’s digital capacities with online and offline courses. There are three phases to the curriculum: in the beginner course, people learn about digital mindsets and up-to-date trends; in the advanced course, students are instructed on programming and Big Data; and in the high-level course, a Hackathon is held in order to apply new technologies and develop new services by producing ideas and implementing concepts as a team. Hana Financial Group established the objective that, through DT University, all employees should grow as experts in at least one sector of digital biz, digital IT, and innovative technology. Based on this, Hana Financial Group aspires to become an “outstanding digital-finance group and data-based customer-oriented information company.” To this end, the company plans to focus on the advancement of its digital capacities at the group level.

Launching Ceremony for ‘DT University,’ held at Hana Global Campus, Cheongna

Hana Financial Group’s integrated data center

Acknowledgement for Samsung Biologics’ Capacity to Cope
with Crisis

Samsung Biologics’ Plant 3 was certified with ‘ISO22301’ from the British Standards Institution. ISO22301 is an international standard to evaluate how promptly a business can resume activities following a serious incident. Plant 3 was highly evaluated in communication with client companies and for its response system following COVID-19. Korea has only two biopharmaceutical companies with such certifications, those being Samsung Biologics and Hanmi Pharm. Plant 3, which was certified on this occasion, is the world’s largest biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility, with an annual production scale of 180,000ℓ.

Samsung Biologics first obtained ISO022301 certification for Plant 1 and Plant 2 (along with some supporting functions) in April 2018, and this represented the first such achievement in Korea. Samsung Biologics has made specific efforts since 2019 toward obtaining certification on Plant 3, operating a separate team of 39 employees to implement the system for managing continuity on the site.

ISO22301 Certificate-Conferment Ceremony at Samsung Biologics

LAN Cable Festival Successfully Held by Paradise City

The first-ever LAN cable music festival without any physical audience participation was held in Yeongjong Paradise City. On April 30, the ‘Have a Nice Day’ festival, with the subtitle of ‘On Your H.AN.D.,’ was held at Culture Park’s outdoor lawn plaza and broadcast online for 10 hours.

Video footage from the site was disclosed via JTBC’s YouTube channels, ‘JTBC Entertainment’ and ‘DJTBC.’ The video achieved accumulated viewership from 220,000 users, along with 6,000 simultaneous viewers, creating levels of passion and energy to match an actual festival scene.

Paradise City has been leading the establishment of new festival culture since its opening in 2017, holding this event with the purpose of spreading the message of hope and healing through a LAN cable performance, which has seen widespread emergence with the outbreak of COVID-19. The event was jointly produced by MPMG and JTBC and sponsored by Paradise City, Incheon Metropolitan City, and Incheon Tourism Organization. The festival benefited from a spring atmosphere and featured performances from 10 teams of musicians, including 10cm, Soran, and Stella Jang.

‘Have a Nice Day’ festival at Paradise City

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