Yujin Robot Selected as an
Excellent Case for the World’s No. 1
Product from the MOTIE

Leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the IFEZ through R&D Investment


Yujin Robot, an IFEZ resident, was recognized for its excellent technology. Recently, the Korean government including the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy (MOTIE) announced the vision and strategy for the renaissance of the manufacturing industry. In the announcement, Yujin Robot, an AI robot company invested in by foreigners, was named as the world’s no. 1 case. Yujin Robot, the first generation robotics company in Korea, established intellectual service robot manufacturing and research facilities in Songdo International City for technological innovation. In April 2018, the company moved in and employs more than 150 people.
Back in 2002, Yujin Robot developed ‘iRobi,’ an education robot for the first time in Korea. In 2005, the company launched ‘iClebo,’ a robotic cleaner. At present, iClebo comprises up to 32% of the export of robotic cleaners made in Korea and is sold in more than 30 countries in Europe and other places. It is a popular export product, and the robotic cleaner has been selected as the world’s no. 1 product for seven years in a row by the MOTIE. Furthermore, Yujin Robot developed ‘GoCart,’ a logistics delivery robot based on autonomous driving and demonstrated its functions at CES 2019 in Las Vegas earlier this year.


Yujin Robot is expected to leverage the meteoric development of the IFEZ to become a frontier of the Fourth Industrial Revolution via synergy with other resident companies that showing brilliant performances in various fields. At present, investment and construction of manufacturing and research facilities are underway by global manufacturers in the IFEZ, such as Samsung, Celltrion, and Merck in the bio sector, Bystronic, Rittal, Otis, Amada, and Okuma in the machinery automation sector, Igus and Saint Gobain in the cutting-edge parts sector, and Kyungshin, Hellermann Tyton, Piolax, Mando Hella, Mando Brose, and BMW in the auto sector.
The IFEZ commissioner Lee Won-jae said, “The IFEZ has a solid basis for manufacturing and research for global companies. Furthermore, it has the optimal conditions to draw innovation in manufacturing, such as the startup park that has been named the top in its class.” He added, “On this basis, we will make our best efforts to lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution, create decent jobs, and attract investment.”

Rittal Participates in
Global Electric Power Tech 2019

Rittal successfully participated in Global Electric Power Tech 2019. This year’s exhibition marks the 17th. It is a global venue for the electricity energy sector that enables experts to share new technology, trends, and strategies for the electricity industry that is rapidly growing with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. A total of 412 companies from 18 countries participated in this year’s exhibition. Rittal showed product solutions focused on the platform and electric power. In particular, five types of the company’s solutions, Rittal enclosure, RiLine Busbar system, Ri4Power system, Rittal bus duct, and IoT environment monitoring products were introduced, drawing attention.
RiLine & Ri4Power system solutions, which were introduced this time, transform the existing complex supply method that requires manual work into an easier and verified system, dramatically decreasing the possibility of human error.
Along with this, the bus duct that was applied to the U-City Data Center of Songdo International City, the IFEZ, was also introduced. It is possible to install even at a lower heights. Unlike the existing 1:1 match of input and output, there are a number of output outlets in the middle, increasing the supply capacity up to 1,600A at any location.