Lee, Yong-beom Chairperson of the Incheon Metropolitan City Council

For our citizens, we will come as
near as possible to you in our
field-oriented approaches in order to
advance into the ‘Happy Age for Citizens.’

Greetings to my respected citizens of Incheon and readers of the IFEZ Journal! With an eventful 2019 behind us, I hope you are all greeting the year of Gyeongja (庚子), 2020, with renewed hopes. I wish only happiness and joy for your family, work, and businesses.


The eighth Incheon Metropolitan Council will continue to exert all its efforts toward elevating Incheon to a higher level in the coming year, resolving the current stack of issues in cooperation with the administrative department. For our citizens, we will come as near as possible to you in our field-oriented approaches in order to advance into the ‘Happy Age for Citizens.’


Based on its symbolic history as Korea’s first Free Economic Zone (FEZ), the IFEZ has achieved the most dramatic advancement among all FEZs. There were crises and hardships during the process, but the wisdom accumulated in overcoming these has become the very driving force in the success of the present-day IFEZ. We must not remain content, however, just to settle for what we have accomplished at this stage. In order to make a hyperjump to reach a higher level while overcoming the challenging domestic and international situations surrounding Incheon and Korea, we must welcome unending innovation and adversity.


My hope is that 2020 will be the year for the IFEZ to take advantage of its distinguished competitiveness as its platform to come face-to-face with a much broader world. For this to be materialized, I believe your devotion and efforts are required: not just those of Commissioner Lee Won Jae of the Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority, but the efforts of all staff members. I ask that we keep in mind that our goal is to take responsibility in leading Korea for the next 100 years, and that we keep taking one step after another.


If the IFEZ keeps its focus on attracting continued investment, which is the underlying reason for its existence and its central mission, and with diverse efforts aimed at continually improving environmental reformation for settlement, the dream of the city of Incheon will one day be reality: the world’s best global business city and a place where you want to live. Incheon Metropolitan Council will not slacken its grip on research and efforts to find solutions on how to lift unnecessary regulations that block the IFEZ’s growth.


My respected citizens of Incheon, the direction of Incheon Metropolitan Council is clear: its administrative objectives of a ‘fair and transparent administration,’ ‘field-centered administration,’ and ‘governance-based administration’ are the charts set solely for you and the direction of the city of Incheon. All members of Incheon Metropolitan Council will do their best to achieve the value of ‘a council that openly communicates with its citizens and promotes new changes.’


I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the warm support and encouragement you have spared for Incheon Metropolitan Council in 2019. I pledge that, until the eighth Incheon Metropolitan Council fulfills all of its missions, we shall stay faithful to our first love and complete our role and mission as the guards that protect your improved welfare and happiness in life.

Thank you.