Park, Nam-chun Mayor of
Incheon Metropolitan City

Focusing on our citizens as the administrative center, we will continue our commitment to finding and implementing effective policies that promote the happiness of Incheon’s citizens.

Greetings Respected IFEZ Journal Readers! As Incheon Metropolitan City Mayor, I wish all our citizens a very Happy New Year in 2020! The sun has risen on 2020, opening the year of Gyeongja (庚子). I hope that you will all be healthy and that your plans will be accomplished in the coming year.


The seventh popularly-elected government of Incheon Metropolitan City has been realizing the vision of building ‘Incheon, the city where people want to live; where people build the future together,’ step by step. Moreover, focusing on our citizens as the administrative center, we will continue our commitment to finding and implementing effective policies that promote the happiness of Incheon’s citizens in 2020.


The IFEZ achieved various large and small accomplishments in 2019, elevating its competitiveness across Korea and the world. Global corporations continued to make investments here, such as Germany’s Henkel and France’s Medicen. Furthermore, Hyundai MOVEX and Otis Elevator Korea completed their relocations, adding to our substantial development. The Songdo Bio Valley Plan, which will be executed by Celltrion with a fund of KRW 25 trillion over the next 10 years, is providing a solid base for Incheon to move forward in becoming the world’s greatest global bio-health city.


Meanwhile, by the latter half of 2020, Songdo International City will have completed a hyperjump as a new center for global startups. Incheon was chosen as the winner of the ‘Startup Park Competition,’ hosted by Ministry of SMEs and Startups. As a result of this, Tomorrow City, located in Songdo International City, will reborn as Startup Venture Polis, ‘POOM.’


The year 2019 was a time for reconfirming that the answer to future IFEZ growth lies in balanced development. In November 2019, construction began on Cheongna City Tower, gratifying the great yearning of the citizens of Cheongna International City. Besides this, the headquarters of KEB Hana Bank moved to Cheongna, further serving as the foundation for the city’s advancement as a city of finance.
In Yeongjong International City, Inspire Integrated Resort, the largest of its kind in all of Korea, is being built, and the world’s major resort companies are investing in this project. Supposing that Songdo, Yeongjong, and Cheongna continue their growth on the foundations of each city’s unique competitiveness, they are sure to act as powerful engines that drive the balanced development of not only Yeonsu-gu, Jung-gu, and Seo-gu, but all of Incheon.


The seventh popularly-elected government of Incheon has announced a new vision going forward: ‘Incheon-Future Connection by 2030.’ Under the slogan of ‘Incheon prepares first and is guaranteed a bright future in 10 years,’ goals have been set to open the future of real community coexistence based on fairness, sharing, and empathy. I believe that all of our citizens will join us in advancing towards ‘a city with solid basics connected to the world,’ ‘a city where the environment is connected with the future,’ and ‘a city whose economy is connected with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.’


Dear citizens of Incheon and readers of IFEZ Journal! There is only one united path for citizens of Incheon in making a better future. By achieving proper direction and balance between the wheels of the old city and the IFEZ, Incheon is sure to be faced with the future that all of us have wished for. The seventh-term Incheon Metropolitan City government will take powerful strides in 2020 towards our goal of making Incheon a place for all areas to be revived and for all hearts to be connected as one.

Thank you.