The 4th Yeongjong Green Culture Festival

On June 8, the Yeongjong Green Culture Festival was launched at Haneul Gureum Square, Yeongjong Seaside Park, marking its fourth anniversary. The tragic news from Hungary made this year’s festival solemn with condolence, and congratulatory performances and other stage performances were cancelled. However, visitors had a meaningful time participating in an arts and crafts contest utilizing recycled materials, a walkathon, diverse experience programs, and other activities.

An Eco-friendly Festival Just Like the Sky and Sea of Yeongjong


Haneul Gureum Square was crowded with more than 30 families who participated in the eco-friendly airplane-making contest, where contenders made airplanes with recycled materials. In this highlight of the 4th Yeongjong Green Culture Festival titled “Flight for Family Parade,” participants competed by making eco-friendly airplanes modeled after those at the Incheon International airport in Yeongjongdo. Participant teams held a parade with their own airplanes around the Haneul Gureum Square. The winner of the best airplane was decided by vote.
Hosted and organized by Kyeonggi Ilbo and the Michuhol Institute and sponsored by the IFEZ, the festival entertained a huge crowd of people enjoying various programs, even in the summer heat. At “Yeongjong Greenway Walkathon,” which started at 10 a.m., more than 500 citizens, from toddlers to senior citizens in their 80s, walked side by side in this very meaningful event. Starting from the main stage, they walked about 4 km along the Yeongjong Seaside Rail Bike course. There were also volunteers on environment campaigns with pickets for reducing plastic waste.

A festival participant said, “Under this hot early summer weather, I had a wonderful day in the fresh sea breeze,” and added, “It is very worthwhile to participate in this meaningful festival of various events calling for healthier life and the importance of preserving the environment.” That day included approximately 50 events of experiencing and making, such as pottery, mini tattoo, preserved flower craft, Yeongjong specialty market, drone experiencing, and Yeongjong Fire Station experiencing.
IFEZ General Director ByeongYoon Yoo said, “Yeongjong Green Culture Festival is an eco-friendly festival enjoying the beautiful scenery of Yeongjong and the natural resource of tidal mudflats.” He added, “We hope the festival will become a world-class festival and represent Yeongjong, which is growing in step with the advancement of the Incheon International airport. We would greatly appreciate citizens’ participation and attention.”