Inauguration Greetings from
the 6th IFEZ Commissioner

All IFEZ members will continue to strive to build a top-tier city that every resident can take pride in.


Greetings! It is my great pleasure to send you greetings as the sixth Commissioner of the Incheon Free Economic Zone. It has already been more than two months since I joined IFEZ to assume the Commissioner post. The past two months seems to have flown by, but, I have had the valuable opportunities to gain greater knowledge and deeper understanding of the IFEZ.


In view of the need to better identify the pending issues and immediate challenges faced by the IFEZ, the future growth engine of Korea, as its new Commissioner, I skipped the usual formalities such as an inaugural ceremony in favor of being present on the front lines from my first day onwards.


I was able to gauge the IFEZ’s outstanding competitiveness in the tourism and leisure industries at the International Conference for the Complex Resort Industry, the first official event that I attended following my inauguration, and gained a firm grasp of the IFEZ’s capacity to develop into a dynamic international city while looking around the completed facilities of Otis and Merck.


Of particular note were my many encounters with citizens who long for the IFEZ’s advancement and progress. I had opportunities to talk with citizens at over 20 project sites of Cheongna International City, each of whom showed great interest in the IFEZ. The citizens I met at the eight major project sites of Yeongjong, Yongyu, and Incheon International Airport, including the site of Inspire Integrated Resort, and at the festival held at Wangsan Marina also left a deep impression. During the on-site inspections of Zone 11 and other project sites of Songdo International City, which is expected to emerge as the hub of Korea’s bio industry, I was able to witness firsthand the unlimited growth potential of the IFEZ.


Readers of IFEZ Journal,
The two key phrases that most clearly highlight the directions the IFEZ must take are “the leading base for the Fourth Industrial Revolution” and “a city you’d want to live in.”
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is more than the simple transition of industries of strategic importance; it is a massive tidal wave that will change our lifestyles and ways of thinking at their very roots. At this point, the IFEZ is tasked with the creation of an innovative ecosystem that brings together talented professionals and corporations based on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and helps them achieve synergy. To this end, we are determined to attract greater investment in such future-oriented industries as bio, 5G, AI, and tourism and leisure; provide the necessary support for them; and lay a foundation to nurture the relevant workforces.


In order for IFEZ to rise as a global business city, it is critical to offer a world-class living environment in addition to optimal conditions for business activities. As such, we will step up our efforts to expand basic infrastructure such as residential and transportation facilities and green spaces and to equip the IFEZ with state-of-the-art systems in education, culture, leisure, and healthcare.


Achieving balanced development with Incheon’s original city center is also a significant challenge to overcome. We will focus on formulating multifaceted measures to connect research-based corporations within the IFEZ and manufacturing-based companies in the original city center and to provide support to help companies in Incheon benefit from the IFEZ’s smart city technologies and expertise.


I would like to share an old saying with the readers of IFEZ Journal. “Make sure to put devotion into the smallest details. It is that devotion that brings positive change to yourself and the world.” I believe the same applies to the process of constructing a globally recognized city. I will remain devoted to realizing the goals of the IFEZ as aspired to by the entire nation based on my experiences in administration accumulated in central ministries for over three decades and my vision of the construction of a global city. All IFEZ members will continue to strive to build a top-tier city that every resident can take pride in.


I am truly thrilled to accompany the IFEZ in its historical journey towards growth and prosperity as the Commissioner. I pledge once again to fulfill all my roles and responsibilities with unwavering commitment and ask for your continued interest and support. Thank you.

The 6th Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) Commissioner
Lee Won-jae