Yeongjong International City Accelerating
the Speed for Sustainable Growth

Yeongjong International City, which is growing into a global tourism and leisure city with its amazing natural environment, is recently drawing attention with various pieces of good news. The development of international tourist attractions in relation to the Incheon International Airport has gone into full swing, starting with the existing large-scale resort complex projects. At the same time, the infrastructure for the convenience of the citizens and visitors is also being rapidly built.

Hansang Dream Island
– Location : Jungsan-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon Metropolitan City
– Site : 3.32 million ㎡
– Investment Amount : KRW 2.0321 trillion from the private sector
– Completion : 2022 (Scheduled)
– Details : waterpark, aquarium, luxury hotel, shopping mall, education and research facilities, and theme park

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Hansang Dream Island Held


On June 24, the groundbreaking ceremony for Hansang Dream Island was held at Lotte Hotel Seoul. More than 200 participants attended the ceremony, including the IFEZ General Director Yoo Byeong-yoon, Chairman Kim Hee-choul and Vice Chairman Jo Goang-hui of Industry and Economy Committee of Incheon Metropolitan Council, and businessmen and investors from home and abroad. The ceremony was followed by the groundbreaking celebrating luncheon at Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon in Songdo International City, attended by Deputy Mayor for Economic Policy of Incheon Metropolitan City Heo Jong-sik, the World Federation of Korean Association of Commerce, and the project implementers.
The Hansang Dream Island project involves a large-scale capital investment into the site and building construction. Therefore, the critical success factor is to secure the capital from the private sector for investment. Against this backdrop, the investment seminar for invited investors was also held on the groundbreaking ceremony day.
The Hansang Dream Island is a project to develop international marine tourism spots in the large area formed by the reclamation of soil dredged from the sea to maintain the sea level of Incheon Port. In the 3.32 million ㎡ site, an area 1.1 times Yeouido, the capital from the private sector, KRW 2.0321 trillion will be invested by 2022 and a waterpark, aquarium, luxury hotel, shopping mall, education and research facilities, and a theme park will be established.
The IFEZ expects that the establishment of the Hansang Dream Island will trigger production worth approximately KRW 15 trillion and creation of 18,000 jobs, contributing to the vitalization of local economy. At the same time, it is expected that the construction will contribute to the job creation of Incheon area, increase in tax revenue, attraction of foreign investment, and expansion of attracting tourists.

Development Project
for Yongyu·Muui,
Yeongjong International City

Yongyu Ocean View

• Location: San 70-1 Eurwang-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon, Korea
• Project Expenses: KRW 264.8 billion
• Details: hotel, condominium, park, etc.
• Completion: 2020 (scheduled)

Muui Solaire Resort Complex

• Location: Muuido and Silmido, Jung-gu, Incheon, Korea
• Project Expenses: KRW 1.5 trillion
• Details: hotel, waterpark, ocean theme park
• Completion: 2022 (scheduled)

Muui LK

• Location: San 349, Muui-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon, Korea
• Project Expenses: KRW 190 billion
• Details: private villas, convention hall, condominium, etc.
• Completion: 2020 (scheduled)

Eurwangsan Mountain IFUS Hill

• Location: 77-4, Eurwang-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon, Korea
• Project Expenses: KRW 230 billion
• Details: Korean-style Hollywood theme park
• Completion: 2024 (scheduled)
Paradise City

Building Tourism Hub in Northeast Asia by Clustering Complex Resorts


Construction has started for large-scale clustered resorts with a casino, shopping mall, and convention facilities in Yeongjong International City, according to schedule. The city is now ambitiously working to realize its vision to become an international tourist destination, as popular as Singapore, Macao, and Las Vegas.
Paradise City, an integrated resort opened in 2017, will expand its accommodation facilities, exhibition halls and theaters by 2022, investing an additional KRW 500 billion. The resort currently has 711 guest rooms in luxurious condition, convention facilities, and a casino. Approximately 2.5 million visitors have come to Paradise City as of July 2019.


Inspire Integrated Resort Project, the largest project in Korea, is also attracting intensive attention. Inspire, the project owner, will invest approximately KRW 1.8 trillion for the 1st phase to establish three hotel buildings (1,256 rooms), Inspire Dome, an arena, and shopping malls to open. Then, KRW 6 trillion in total will be invested to develop a 6-star hotel, a theater, and a casino for foreigners in the site of 4.37 million ㎡.
In Midan City, the 2nd phase development for Caesars Korea (high-rise residential and office-tel building) has passed the first stage of licensing, the landscape deliberation, with conditions, driving momentum for project implementation. With the implementation, a housing facility for 1,098 households and an arcade in the scale of 4 basement floors and 33 ground floors will be built in Midan City.
When these integrated resorts of Caesars Korea and Inspire are respectively opened three integrated casino resorts, including Paradise City, will be established in Yeongjong International City, creating more than 20,000 new jobs. The city is expected to become the largest integrated resort city in Northeast Asia.

Inspire Integrated Resort
Caesars Korea Integrated Resort
MOU Signed for On-demand Public Transportation in
Yeongjong International City

Enjoy Upgraded Quality of Life by Continuously
Established Infrastructures


ncheon Metropolitan City and Hyundai Motors consortium signed an MOU for on-demand public transportation in Yeongjong International City on June 21. Based on this, the Hyundai Motors will introduce the MoD service that operates vehicles according to the demand of passengers, based on the cutting-edge AI, in collaboration with Hyundai AutoEver to dramatically increase the efficiency in system operation.
The MoD service is an innovative mobility service with an algorithm that calculates the optimal path and vehicle arrangement by the entering the points of departure and destination via a smartphone application, enabling a vehicle to be arranged to the nearest bus stop. This will dramatically decrease the waiting time of users.
In addition, a hospital-level medical institute opened in Yeongjong International City to meet the increasing demand for medical services. On July 15, in Jungsan-dong of Yeongjong International City, Yeongjong International Hospital of Sungse Medical Foundation was opened. Yeongjong International Hospital has a 37-bed ward, internal medicine, orthopedics, neurosurgery, pediatrics, radiology, outpatients clinic, surgery room, rehabilitation center, and endoscopy center.
At present, Yeongjong International City has clinics, dentist clinics, oriental medicine clinics (48 in total), and one nursing hospital. Yeongjong International Hospital is the first hospital-level medical institute with 30 to 100 beds, in Yeongjong International City. The IFEZ expects that the opening of Yeongjong International Hospital will be the beginning of quality medical service for the citizens of Yeongjong International City who had undergone inconveniences in medical service. In addition, the IFEZ plans to make diversified efforts to attract a general hospital in Yeongjong International City.

Yeongjong International Hospital, the First Hospital-level Medical Institute in
Yeongjong International City

A hospital-level medical institute opened in Yeongjong International City. This will upgrade the quality of medical service in the region.