Groundbreaking Ceremony
Held for Cheongna City Tower

Development of Cheongna International City to Be Spurred on


Construction began on Cheongna City Tower, a building that the city’s residents have long been excited about, and this latest development is expected to spark further growth in the city. On November 21, 2019, a groundbreaking ceremony was held at the Musical Fountain in Cheongna Lake Park.

Incheon Metropolitan City Mayor Park Nam-choon, IFEZ Commissioner Lee Won Jae, Congressman Lee Hak-jae, and some 1,000 residents attended the ceremony, which opened with a splendid drum performance, followed by a report on the project, an opening address by Mayor Park, and a congratulatory address by the Chairman of the Incheon Metropolitan City Council. The first part of the ceremony wrapped up with paper salutes and an LED performance depicting the projected tower. The second part of the ceremony consisted of congratulatory events that invited the residents in attendance to participate and enjoy themselves in the festivities.

In his address, Incheon Metropolitan City Mayor Park Nam-choon said, “We will take advantage of this tower as a gateway for touring the Incheon area, along with Incheon International Airport, and to further develop the region as a national landmark for Korea to present to the entire world.” He added, “We will do our best to develop Cheongna International City, following this ceremony.”

New Landmark to Be Unveiled


The Korea Land & Housing Corporation (LH) and Cheongna City Tower Inc. will launch the construction process by putting up temporary fencing and starting subsidiary engineering works, such as the bed excavation. With a budget of KRW 415.8 billion for construction costs, the plan is to complete the necessary administrative processes in the first half of 2020 and begin full-scale construction efforts in the second half of 2020, with the ultimate target of completion in 2023.

Built on a site with an area of 33,058 ㎡ in Cheongna Lake Park, the 448-meter-high tower will be comprised of 28 floors above ground and two underground levels. The tower’s upper floors will feature a sky deck (on the 28th floor, at 396 m above the ground), an observatory deck (on the 25th and 26th floors, at 369 m and 378 m), a sky walk (from the 20th to 24th floors, from 342 m to 364 m), a glass-floor photo zone (on the 20th floor, at 342 m), and shopping and exhibition areas (from the 2nd underground level to the 3rd floor above ground). On sunny days, the tower will even offer a spectacular view of Gaesung, North Korea, which, in itself, is sure to serve as a draw for tourists.

Cheongna City Tower

Location : Cheongna Lake Park in Cheongna International City
Size : Site area 33,058 ㎡, height 448 m, 28 floors above ground, two underground levels
Facilities : Top-floor sky deck, observatory deck, sky walk, glass-floor photo zone, shopping, and exhibition areas