Cheongna Colored in
Beautiful Blue

All across the Canal Way of Cheongna International City, sparkling like a blue jewel, the 2019 Cheongna Beauty Festival was held on June 15. The event was held with the aim to vitalize and nurture the beauty industry of Incheon, where approximately 300 cosmetic manufacturers are located. The participants enjoyed luxurious and meaningful programs with various interesting things to see and experience.

Incheon’s Beauty Industry Enhances Competitiveness by Providing Interesting Content

The 2019 Cheongna Beauty Festival, hosted by the IFEZ and organized by Seohaemunhwa, ended with great success. The festival was held with the ever-appealing theme of “beauty,” with a variety of related programs on fashion, the aesthetics industry, and jewelry. They were harmoniously graced by the beautiful backdrop of Cheongna International City. In particular, with the goal clearly set to nurture Incheon’s beauty industry and vitalize the local economy, this year’s festival included high-quality programs related to the beauty industry.
The visitors enjoyed a pleasant time with fashion-related shows arranged on the concept of beauty: Fitness Models Casting Show, Korean Cotton Wool (Sochang) Fashion Show, and Concept Fashion Show. The festival provided a rare opportunity to enjoy these unique shows, and visitors were engrossed in the attractiveness of the Cheongna Beauty Festival. The experiencing programs, which involve visitor participation, also gained a huge response.

In addition, in the beauty industry pavilion where beauty companies participated, visitors experienced skin care, hair, and nail art through beauty experiencing booths. In addition, the beauty education pavilion was run by beauty institutes. All of them drew enthusiastic attention from visitors. In particular, for this year’s festival, Chinese beauty experts visited to hold an arena for Korea-China exchange. The Tai Chi performance by a team from Weihai, China gathered rousing applause from the audience.
A visitor to the Cheongna Beauty Festival for the second time in a row said, “Unlike last year, this year’s festival was focused on the beauty industry. As a student who is deeply interested in the beauty industry, it was really helpful.” The visitor added, “I hope this Cheongna Beauty Festival will become Incheon’s representative festival with meaningful content.”
IFEZ General Director ByeongYoon Yoo said “Cheongna Beauty Festival is not only an event of wonderful experiences for citizens, but it also contributes to the growth of the cosmetic industry of Incheon.” He added, “With the growing number of cosmetic manufacturers in Incheon, from 118 in 2012 to 287 in 2018, Cheongna Beauty Festival is expected to create synergies.”