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Protecting Incheon from COVID-19

With the prolonged prevalence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the disease is wielding its impact on every corner of society.
The city of Incheon and the IFEZ are exerting their best efforts not only in preventing the further spread of the virus but also in minimizing any residual damages from it.

Policies and Projects | Incheon City, Protecting Citizens
At the end of March, the Incheon Metropolitan City Government announced 38 major policies and projects across various fields, such as the economy, welfare, medical services, etc., in an effort to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak. In terms of the economy and finance section, the cash-back rate for “Incheon e-EUM” (Incheon’s electronic currency) was increased from the former rate of 4% up to 10%, while the revised supplementary budget and other supportive measures were extended. As for the welfare and culture section, priority was given to providing support services and items for vulnerable classes. With this in mind, psychological counseling for citizens and healthcare- medical workers were also extended. The city government also provides online content directed at those practicing social distancing. For the healthcare and medical section, drive-thru clinics are operated and quarantine enhancement is being carried out for the urban area. In addition, negative pressure rooms and COVID-19 living treatment centers have been secured, while, at the same time, the Healthcare and Environment Research Institute is conducting tests on samples around the clock.

Area Project
Economy·Finance Operating the Economic Countermeasures Team
Raising Incheon e-Eum’s Cash-back Rate
Vitalizing the Depressed Construction Business
Additional Support Funds (45 Billion KRW) to Stabilize Business for Small-sized Enterprises
Expanding the Good Rent Campaign
IFEZ Overcoming COVID-19 by Attracting Contactless Marketing Investment
Pushing ahead with the Project to Support the Operation of the Incheon FTA Center
Support through Special Funds for SMEs Damaged by COVID-19
Seeking out Ways to Mitigate Rent (Usage Fees and Loans) for Common Properties
Support Funds for Farmers to Stabilize Businesses Damaged by the COVID-19 Disaster
Project for Financing Promotion Funds for Farming and Fishing Villages
Support Funds for Businesspeople to Stabilize Business Administration through a 「Special Guarantee」
Fast Support through a 2.7 Billion KRW Emergency Budget
(for 10 Counties and Districts, along with Relevant Organizations)
Support through Special Subsidies for Counties and Districts
Financial and Economic Emergency Actions Based on Incheon City’s 1st Revised Supplementary Budget
Mitigating the Rent Rate for Common Properties by 50%
Emergency Support for Labor Costs for Teachers at Daycare Centers Not Receiving Support from the Government
Reducing the Property Tax for Owners Participating in the Good Rent Campaign (by up to 50%)
Forehand Payment (of 6.1 Billion KRW) for Wages (Activity Costs) for Participants in Senior Citizen Employment
Welfare·Culture Enhancing Welfare Services for Vulnerable Groups
Support for Living Expenses for In-patients and Those in Self-isolation Due to Due to COVID-19
Cafeterias for Senior Citizens (Free Meals)
Distributing Masks at Welfare Facilities for the Aged
Support for COVID-19 Living Expenses
Project for Distributing Hygiene Masks for the Underprivileged
Support for Psychological Counseling
Support for Local Taxes for Victims
Strengthening Psychological Support for Confirmed Patients and Those in Self-isolation
Activities to Support the Homeless on the Streets
Support for Special Scholarships against COVID-19
Providing Support Funds for Facilities Participating in Social Distancing
Distributing Vouchers for Lower-income Groups to Temporarily Support Their Living
Project for Emergency Support for Artists in Incheon
Healthcare·Medical Services Postponing Medical Checks and Providing Hygiene Education for Livestock Workers
Operating an Active Administrative Support Team to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19
All-out Counteractions for Public Facilities, such as Apartment Complexes and Parks
Focused Monitoring for Construction Sites to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19
Counteractions for Underground Shopping Malls to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19
* For more details on the policies and projects of the Incheon Metropolitan City Government, visit the Incheon Metro City website.

Diplomacy | Support and Exchange Shine Brighter in Hard Times
In February, the Incheon Metropolitan City Government donated 240,000 masks and 21,000 pairs of protective goggles to Chongqing, Weihai, Shandong, and Shenyang, Chinese cities that have maintained friendly relations with Incheon over the years. Following this act, and once COVID-19 began spreading throughout Korea, support was ceased. However, China soon began to show support, in turn, for Incheon. Dalian sent 5,000 medical N95 masks, Guangzhou sent 300 KN95 masks and 200 infrared thermometers, and Weihai sent 201,500 one-time-use masks. These commodity exchanges highlight that the friendships between our cities are stronger now than ever before, even under the hardships of COVID-19. In addition, officials of the Incheon Metropolitan City Government voluntarily donated equipment to Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province — the regions that were designated as special disaster zones — sending donations of more than 70 million KRW in early March. Prior to this, the Incheon Metropolitan City Government sent 15,600 general masks and 2,000 KF94 quarantine masks, which had been received from Weihai, China, to Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province.

Attracting Investment | IFEZ Puts forth its Best Efforts for Quarantine and Contactless Marketing
The IFEZ is also exerting efforts to act against COVID-19. From early February onwards, the IFEZ ceased or minimized operations of its multi-use facilities. For citizens’ safety and pleasant use of parks, the quarantine measures were fortified in March, and disinfection chemicals were used to counteract the virus. With the exception of its main entrance, all of G-Tower’s gates have been closed, and all visitors’ temperatures are taken in the lobby. With COVID-19 quickly spreading throughout the world, efforts to attract investment both at home and abroad have been greatly hindered. Under such circumstances, the IFEZ is seeking out potential breakthroughs by utilizing contactless marketing, etc. Meanwhile, sustainable networking has been maintained with potential investors who had been previously discovered, and real-time counseling sessions are conducted through messenger platforms. In addition, the IFEZ is overcoming the crisis by actively utilizing the “KOTRA trade network,” a short-term overseas offline service agency operated by KOTRA, in order to communicate with overseas investors, etc.

We Will Overcome This Together!

Park Nam-choon, Mayor of Incheon Metropolitan City

Dear Concerned Citizens,

Four months have passed since the first case in Korea.
Spring is already in the air and now we are looking ahead to summer. The Incheon etropolitan City Government is exerting its best efforts so that citizens’ daily lives can be lived out as happily and comfortably as possible. COVID-19 is, indeed, an infectious disease that we can and will conquer. Thanks to the citizens who practice social distancing and the medical workers struggling on the front lines, the central government sees that the situation has stabilized. However, the Incheon Metropolitan City Government will never loosen its resolve until the virus is incontestably put to an end. We ask that you please bear with this situation for a little while longer.

Mindset of Incheon Metro City in Counteracting COVID-19

The Incheon Metropolitan City Government believes that taking extraordinary measures to combat the disease is the best way to protect our citizens. As many as 15,000 government officials in Incheon are concentrating on their work, driven by a sense of duty and the mantra “I am the one responsible for the health and safety of Incheon’s citizens.” Despite the fact that Incheon Metropolitan City is a large urban center in close vicinity of Incheon International Airport, the city government conducted preemptive measures even before any confirmed cases had emerged and, thanks to these efforts, the desired results are now apparent. We shall continue to mobilize all possible administrative supports in order to prevent the spread of the virus in the local community.

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