Henkel Embarks on Construction of New Global Workplace for High-tech Electronics Materials

Technological Competitiveness to Be Heightened with the Localization of Core Technologies


On October 29, 2019, Henkel Korea Ltd. held a groundbreaking ceremony for its new workplace for high-tech electronics materials in Songdo International City’s High-tech Industrial Cluster. With its area of 10,144 ㎡, Henkel Korea’s new workplace, which is 100% funded by Germany’s Henkel AG & Company, KGaA, is scheduled for completion by September 2020, while production is scheduled for launch in the first quarter of 2022, following quality verification from its clients.
Henkel decided to build its new workplace in Songdo International City in an effort to respond to demands from the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets, where the semiconductor facilities are primarily concentrated, and in order to reinforce its production facilities in Korea.


The new facilities will serve as an outpost for exports to Asia
and beyond, playing a crucial role in supplying electronics materials for semiconductor assembly. The IFEZ expects this investment from Henkel to make considerable contributions to strengthening competitiveness in core materials technologies through the localization of state-of-the-art electronics materials technologies, replacement of exports, and export increase.
With an aim to produce goods of the highest quality, Henkel’s new workplace will feature an advanced smart factory and Building Management System (BMS), and eco-friendliness will be at the forefront with the addition of solar panels throughout its facilities, along with a rainwater reuse system, energy-efficient equipment, and green spaces.

Cooperation with the IFEZ Lays Foundation for Sustained Growth


Built in 1986 and headquartered in Germany, Henkel is a global consumer goods and industrial equipment maker with operations in 125 countries. As of 2018, it had recorded about EUR 20 billion in global revenue. It began its operations in Korea in 1989, and it now has some 700 local employees.
Henkel Korea successfully attracted EUR 35 million to build its new workplace, representing the largest amount for a greenfield investment. A greenfield investment is a type of foreign direct investment where a company establishes a production facility or branch in a foreign country.
IFEZ Commissioner Lee Won Jae said, “Henkel’s high-tech electronics materials workplace aims to build a global production hub that will support the IFEZ’s efforts to create an industrial ecosystem for a major city in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”
President Kim Yu-seok of Henkel Korea said, “The new workplace in Songdo represents the single largest investment — excluding M&A cases — that Henkel AG & Company has made since beginning its operations in Korea in 1989. We intend to offer more customer-oriented technologies and services from here on out.”


Henkel’s new global workplace for high-tech electronics materials


– Site : High-tech Industrial Cluster in Songdo
– Area : 19,529 ㎡
– Business : Production and R&D cooperation for high-tech electronics materials for semiconductor assembly
– Expected effects : Export increase, job creation, and strengthened competitiveness in Korea’s semiconductor industry

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