Ecosystem for Industry, Academia, and Research, the Realization Strategy for Innovative Growth

The IFEZ will soon take flight in future industry incubation through establishing an ecosystem for industry, academia, and research. Companies, universities, and research institutions, alongside central governmental agencies and local governments, are all joining forces.

Aerial View of the IFEZ Global Campus

‘Incheon Industry Academy Collaboration Zone’ to be Established in Songdo


The Incheon Industry Academy Collaboration Zone will be completely unveiled in June. It is highly anticipated that the Incheon Industry Academy Collaboration Institute will serve as a hub for the aviation industry, its contract having been jointly awarded in 2016 for a government-led national project to be built by Incheon Metropolitan City and Inha University. With participation from 146 companies and institutes, an ecosystem for industry, academia, and research will be established on the site. The Incheon Industry Academy Collaboration Institute was designated as an implementing institute for “metal 3D printing and the aftermarket (MRO) field” as part of a project for nurturing professionals in the aerospace industry, a public bidding project from the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy. Metal 3D printing and MRO are the core technologies of aviation design and aviation maintenance, respectively. The goal of this site is to nurture new future-oriented industries through the convergence of the aviation industry, machinery and metal engineering, and root industries. Four departments from Inha University’s Engineering Graduate School will soon be moved to the site, beginning in the second half of this year, allowing more than 510 students to study in this brand-new environment closely tied to industry and academia joint R&D.

Changes Expected in Legal Regulations from Amendment of Industry-Academia Cooperation Act


At the Assembly Plenary Session on March 6, the partly revised version of the Industrial Education Enhancement and Industry-Academia-Research Cooperation Promotion Act was resolved, and the global universities located on IFEZ Global Campus are set to gain momentum in industry-academia cooperation. Prior to this resolution, the industry-academia cooperation act was limited to domestic universities, making it practically impossible for global educational institutions to conduct industry-academia cooperation activities. The amended legislation includes global educational institutions and faculty members in the category of ‘industrial educational institutions,’ and allows foreign school corporations to transfer intellectual property rights within Korea and incorporate residuary properties that may be inevitable as a result of the operation and closure of the industry-academia cooperation consortium by foreign school corporations. The act will be carried out six months after this proclamation, and the IFEZ will support the five global universities of IGC so that they may enjoy more autonomy in cooperating with Korean companies. In addition, the IFEZ is also supporting the amendment of the Lifelong Education Act and laws relating to the Korea Student Aid Foundation for the convenience of global universities and their students in the IFEZ.

IFEZ Underscores the Keyword of “Communication” for Industry, Academia, and Research Cooperation


For accurate and analytic data collection, the IFEZ has operated a platform for fostering industries and conducted diagnoses and surveys on cooperative networks and soft-infrastructure for industry incubation. The results were published as a research project report in January of this year. Through this research, the IFEZ studied the demand for joint R&D from companies in the zone, participation in industry, academia, and research cooperation for nurturing human resources, etc. Based on the research results, the IFEZ will create a roadmap to connect the ecosystems for industry, academia, and research, centered around the sites where industrial complexes are established. Since last year, in order to make an arena for establishing sustainable networks, the Industrial Innovation Academy has been implemented within Incheon National University, and the opening of the corporate support center (in G-Tower) is scheduled for July. The corporate support center will offer support to more than 3,000 enterprises and will embody the role of a hub for companies to exchange and communicate with each other. At the same time, in collaboration with the Incheon Chamber to be created of Commerce and Industry, the consortium for companies in the IFEZ has been prepared, allowing for a sound blueprint for the ecosystem for industry, academia, and research cooperation based on communication, aiming to meet the demands from companies and universities in the zone.

IFEZ Industrial Ecosystem for each industry,
launching networks for industry, academia, and research cooperation

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