Hyundai MOVEX Completes Construction of R&D Center in Cheongna International City

Korea’s Best Logistics Automation Company Expected to Further Develop Cheongna International City


completion ceremony for its logistics automation R&D center in Cheongna International City. The ceremony was attended by Incheon Metropolitan City Mayor Park Nam-choon, IFEZ Commissioner Lee Won Jae, Hyundai Group Chairwoman Hyun Jeong-eun, and executives from Hyundai Group companies.
With its construction launched in March 2019 and completed on October 31, 2019, the R&D center was built over an area of 6,691.3 ㎡ in Incheon High-tech Park, and the total project cost amounted to KRW 22 billion. The R&D center will manufacture logistics automation systems, while developing new systems at the same time.
Hyundai MOVEX is a global company that boasts unique competitiveness in logistics automation systems. It was established in July 2017, with the separation of the logistics automation division of Hyundai Elevator, and later merged with Hyundai U&I, an ICT firm under Hyundai Group, in 2019.


The company is offering comprehensive logistics engineering solutions for a variety of industries, covering logistics automation systems consulting, designing, manufacturing, and maintenance. In particular, it covers 50 percent of Korea’s subway platform screen door market and has maintained a solid position over the past decade in logistics automation engineering and platform screen doors. It has also built a foundation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution through continuous technological development and quality innovation.

The IFEZ expects this new R&D center to make considerable contributions to the economy of the Incheon area by helping create an industrial ecosystem within the industrial cluster and by creating new jobs. It is also expected to upgrade the image of Incheon High-tech Park and help attract high-tech companies.
Mayor Park said, “The construction of the long-awaited Cheongna City Tower began, and now several of the city’s pending projects have recently followed suit. Hyundai MOVEX R&D Center will further drive development in the region, and we will lend our utmost efforts toward helping with the city’s future growth and development.”

Hyundai MOVEX R&D Center

Location : Incheon High-tech Park in Cheongna International City
Size : 6,691.30㎡
Total project cost : KRW 22 billion
Facilities : Developing and manufacturing logistics automation systems
Expected effects : Promoting active economic activities in Incheon, including the creation of new jobs and an industrial ecosystem in the complex