ADB’s 53rd Annual Meeting

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Asia 2020: Innovation, Inclusiveness, and Integration

ADB’s 53rd Annual Meeting to be held in Songdo.

May 2-5, 2020, at Songdo ConvensiA

As the engine of the world’s economy and growth, Asia has recently been more aggressive in endeavoring for increased connectivity within the region. The topics of the ADBs 53rd Annual Meeting are “3I”. As the Asian and Pacific regions gather together, this will serve as an opportunity to explore ways of living well in unison while reinforcing economic collaboration.

The theme of ADBs 53rd Annual Meeting: 3I

Asian Development Bank ADB

The ADB was founded in 1966 with a total 68 nations forming its members under the mission of improving economic collaboration and accelerating economic growth across Asia and the Pacific. The ADBs Annual Meeting represents the organizations largest gathering since its foundation, participated in by delegates from ADB member nations, international organizations, Korean and international major public organs, enterprises, and members of the press.

Host country for 2020 Annual Meeting: Republic of Korea

Since the closing day of the 2019 ADB Annual Meeting and up until the end of the 2020 Annual Meeting, Korea has been leading developmental discussions. The 2020 ADB Annual Meeting will mark Koreas third time hosting. This year is significant for Korea, as its hosting the event will coincide with the 20th anniversary of its “graduation” from being a recipient country of ODA.

An opportunity to let Incheon and the IFEZ become further known

During the ADB Annual Meeting, Incheon City and the IFEZ will take center stage on May 5. This will serve as an opportunity to secure investments from foreign financial institutions and promote Incheons urban brand in front of 100 participants, including foreign governors and ADB directors. The sessions program will unfold in Parts 1 and 2, consisting of presentations on attracting investments and forums on finance and tourism & leisure.
In Part 1, presentations will be made on attracting investment, the investment environment, performances, and success stories from across the IFEZ as a global business frontier.
In Part 2s forums on finance and tourism & leisure, Incheon and the IFEZ will present on how the Fourth Industrys future financial city will look and models of Asian urban development for intensive fostering of the tourism industry to vitalize financial projects and take a hyper jump toward becoming a financial hub.

Incheon City’s business programs at ADB Annual Meeting

Part 1

Presentation on ‹IFEZ Writes a Success Myth›

IFEZ, a Global Business Frontier Commissioner of the IFEZ
IFEZ, introduction to the investment environment and performances so far Head of the IFEZ Investment Opportunity Headquarters
Successful investment cases Officials at Bio Complex & Incheon Global Campus
Part 2

Forums on Finance and Tourism & Leisure
Two presenters, Four debaters

Vitalization of IFEZ financial projects and how future financial cities will look
· Success cases of PPP development projects and ways to utilize them
· How to connect industries specialized for international finance and green finance
Asian urban development models for intensive fostering of the tourism industry
· How to create tourist cities with a focus on attracting multi-functional resorts
Preparatory Planning Team for 53rd ADB Annual Meeting
Tel. 044–215–4859
Mail. info @ adb2020.org
* This event may change depending on the issue of COVID-19

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