Art Center Incheon Brings the Opening Performance ‘La Creation’ to Success

Singing in the Air, A Glance at the Future of Classical Music

Art Center Incheon Launched ‘La Creation’ by La Fura dels Baus to open the 2019 season. It was the first premiere in Korea and hosted solely by Art Center Incheon, and it is an integration of traditional classics and innovative stage production. The following is about the world-renowned performance of ‘La Creation’, performed at Art Center Incheon.

Eccentric Theatrical Presentation of La Creation


On March 1 and 2, 2019, Haydn’s oratorio, “La Creation”, produced by La Fura dels Baus, was successfully completed. ‘La Creation’ had its premiere in Korea and was hosted by Art Center Incheon. It made news with decorated openings at prestigious theaters around the world, including Philharmonie de Paris, Elbphilharmonie Hall in Germany, and Kaohsiung Art Center in Taiwan.
‘La Creation’ presented a creative stage production that could not be imagined in existing classical performances, featuring a tank holding over 1,000 liters of water, cranes for wire action, and projection mapping.
‘La Fura dels Baus’ is a creative group led by Carlos Padrisa, who has shown the world’s most innovative performing arts with visual arts, digital drama, modern theater, and opera. He received much attention and praise from around the world after directing the opening ceremony of the Barcelona Olympics in 1992. In Korea, he participated in the Hi Seoul Festival in 2011 and 2012, and this was his first time to present work for an indoor performance.
The performance was given by soloists comprising soprano Seon-hye Im, the diva of classical music, bass-baritone Thomas Tatzl who meteorically debuted at Vienna National Theater and La Scala, and tenor Robin Tritschler. Camerata Antiqua Seoul, the professional classical music performer group, and Grande Opera Choir participated in the performance which was conducted by Sung-jin Kim. Soprano Seon-hye Im, who participated in the opening performance at the Elbphilharmonie Hall in Hamburg, Germany in June, 2017 said, “La Creation by La Fura dels Buas, which went on without a break, was a fresh shock that opened a new horizon for the stage that can be expressed by music.”
Following ‘La Creation’, Art Center Incheon prepared various special performances, including performances that may maximize the sound capabilities of the concert hall, performances by world-renowned artists, and casual classical music concerts to accommodate various types of audiences.

New Take on the Voice of Vocalists


Haydn’s Oratorio, ‘La Creation’ is essentially the Bible’s Genesis and Milton’s Paradise Lost set to music. As Oratorio is religious theatrical music, La Creation is a work of strong religious color. Oratorio has a dramatic storyline and character, however, conveys the story of the drama only with lyrics in the songs without a stage and directing like opera. La Fura dels Baus presented a performance that could not be imagined on classical stages by adding an opera-like stage and direction and performances by vocalists to this oratorio format.
is divided into three parts. In Part 1 and 2, three angels appear and sing about the six days when God creates the heaven and earth and in Part 3, Adam and Eve appear and lead the story. The epic ended with a powerful and magnificent ending song, ‘Amen.’ The cast displayed nearly acrobatic movements. Especially, Seon-hye Im, who sang in the air wearing a costume with lighting, made ‘La Creation’ more sacred.
Also, the bold use of sensuous and splendid colors left no time to be bored. The visual images that transformed themselves every second and the music that went along with them amazed the audience. The eventful Creation in seven days, expressed by La Fura dels Baus, extended the ordinary boundaries of the stage by a dimension. As the creative group that presents the most innovative performing arts in the world, it raised expectations for their next move.

[Guide to Performance at Art Center Incheon]


Schedule : April 6
Price : R 20,000 won / S 15,000 won
※ Coffee or tea provided to the audience.

Conductor : Soo-yeol Choi
Host : Seong-hyeon Kim
Performance : Korean Chamber Orchestra
Collaborated : Ji-yeong Yang(Soprano) / Jeong-min Kim(Mezzosoprano) / Byeong-woo Gong(Baritone)

Rossini & Mendelssohn = Italy!

[Incheon Songdo Cruise Fireworks Festival]

The ‘Incheon Songdo Cruise Fireworks Festival’ will be held on April 26, which is also the date for the opening ceremony for the Incheon International Cruise Terminal that can accommodate the world’s largest cruise ship, the 225,000 ton class.

Date : 26 April 2019
Place : Incheon Port International Passenger Terminal
Contact : ☎ 032-890-8000

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