The Safe and Smart City Envisioned by the IFEZ

As far as accidents are concerned, prevention always comes ahead of a cure. To ensure the safety of its citizens and visitors by preventing unfortunate accidents, the IFEZ set out the goal of establishing various transportation facilities, thereby organizing a safe and smart city for everyone to enjoy in peace. Small but meaningful elements come together to realize the vision of
‘the IFEZ: a good city to live in.’

For the Safety of Both Drivers and Pedestrians


The IFEZ has finished installing colored lanes along roads in a total of 9 areas — 6 in Songdo and 3 in Cheongna — as per its request to the Incheon Facilities Corporation. These colored lanes will increase visibility for drivers in terms of following a street’s direction and discerning the course to take, as a consequence, leading to an easier and safer driving experience.
Additionally, in order to prevent traffic accidents caused by pedestrians’ smartphone use while walking along or crossing the street, the IFEZ plans to pilot a ‘Smart Crosswalk’ project in 2020. For this project, ‘Smart Crosswalks’ will be built in two selected elementary school zones in each city (Songdo, Cheongna, and Yeongjong), and these will consist of LED traffic lights running along the ground and a speaker to make vocal announcements instructing users on their actions.
The LED traffic lights will be buried under the marked path for pedestrians at the beginning of a crosswalk, meaning pedestrians waiting for the ‘Walk’ signal will be able to see the color of the traffic lights without even lifting their gaze. If a pedestrian waiting at the crosswalk steps forward or crosses the danger line, the installed sensor triggers a vocal announcement to release the recorded message, “Watch out! Please step back.” This is sure to help pedestrians stay safe and refrain from jaywalking.


The IFEZ believes that these tools will be of great help in preventing traffic accidents caused by so-called ‘smombie (smartphone zombie)’ incidents, referring to pedestrians treading ahead with their eyes glued to a smartphone, or by disregard for traffic lights while distracted by a smartphone.
In relation to an unfortunate traffic accident that occurred last May, the IFEZ operated a taskforce team with a related organ in conducting a joint investigation, the result of which led to reoccurrence prevention measures that reflected the suggested opinions of the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency and KoROAD. Based on these measures, the IFEZ has planned the total reconstruction of the area to remove part of the green space where the accident occurred, replacing it with an additional lane and installing another lane for U-turns in 2020.
The improvements do not end there: the IFEZ plans to do its best to ensure the safety of citizens of all ages by consistently upgrading its traffic facilities and systems to overcome potential accident risks or causes of inconvenience.

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