IFEZ’s Best Walking Trails

Welcoming Spring in IFEZ!
Good Walking Trails

It is time to warm up those muscles that have been inactive for so long due to social-distancing and lengthy stays at home.
Although overseas travel is not yet a viable option, we can still get outside and enjoy a short trip in the great outdoors.
Spring is the time for walks in the company of flowers and trees in full bloom.

Yeongjong Seaside Park

Yeongjong Dullel Trail

Yeongjong Dullel Trail consists of the first course 100 Years of Health Trail, the second course Healing Sky Trail, and the third course Healing Sea Trail. The 100 Years of Health Trail provides changing landscapes. The Healing Sky Trail is a quiet course that includes hikes around Baekryunsan Mountain and Baegunsan Mountain and passes through Yonggungsa Temple. The Healing Sea Trail is full of attractions, such as Seaside Park and Incheon Bridge Memorial Hall.

Cheongna Sunset Trail

Incheon built the Seoro Eum Gil, a green trail that spans the Seo-gu district, to provide health and rest for its residents. Among the 11 courses that make up the trails, the 12 km Cheongna Sunset Trail provides particularly beautiful landscapes filled with parks and lakes, connecting Yeonhui Park, Neulpureun Park, Cheongna Lake Park, and Noeul Park.

Yeonhui Park
Cheongna Lake Park

Songdo Mirae Trail

This trail passes by the Incheon Urban History Museum, where the majestic Tri-bowl will surely stop you in your tracks. Across Central Park, with its stunning 1.8 kmlong artificial lake, you will reach the boathouse in the west. This unique site is growing ever more popular as a filming location.

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