A Place for Sharing and Communicating

International citizens of the
IFEZ gathered together for a meaningful event to mark the end of 2019.
After having run the typical frenzied rat race over the past year,
people from different countries and different cultural backgrounds
took time to share their hearts and engage in open communication during this joyous occasion.
The IFEZ also joined in to honor this venue of harmonization.

Charity Bazaar & Year-end Event Hosted by the IFEZ Global Center

The Joy of Sharing:
Charity Bazaar in Arts and Crafts


On November 29, 2019, the IFEZ Global Center held a charity bazaar on the first floor of G-Tower to promote the sheer joy of sharing. Sponsored by ‘CATCHY,’ a community made up of international residents of Songdo International City, this event formed a marketplace for products made by 32 Korean and foreign contributors: accessories, paintings, small household articles, pottery vessels, and quilts.
As a side program, students from schools located across Songdo International City were on hand to busk, perform in bands for a concert, and hold hologram shows, while audiences were also gifted professional performances by Yeonsu-gu Orchestra and Incheon City Ballet.

CATCHY intends to donate part of the profits from the event and all of the funds raised through the busking performances to Star of the Sea Children’s Home in Michuhol-gu, Incheon Metropolitan City, acting out the deed of giving warmly to close out the year.
Assembled as a community of foreigners residing in Songdo International City, CATCHY’s name was derived from the Korean words ‘Together’ and ‘Value’ to encompass the group’s vision of organizing projects that capitalize on the various skills and professional aptitudes held by foreign members of the community, donating any profits derived to charity.

Joining the event, Kim Se-jun, Head of the IFEZ Investment Opportunity Headquarters, said, “I hope the spirit of this bazaar that strives to reach out to the isolated classes of society at year-end is conveyed to all.” He also added, “With the participation of artists from various countries, I think this has also been a good opportunity to enjoy a variety of artworks from so many different cultures in one place.”

Wrapping up 2019 Together
– A Farewell Party for 2019


The IFEZ Global Center had a very warming occasion in its wrap-up of 2019. The IFEZ Global Center Year-end Event was held at the Holiday Inn in Songdo International City on December 6, 2019. Over 160 Korean and international participants gathered to share food and performances in the spirit of harmony and communication. IFEZ General Director Yoo Byeong-yoon’s participation added to the highlights of the occasion.

The event started with an opening announcement by Han Seung-hyuk, a student of George Mason University at Incheon Global Campus (IGC). The announcement was followed by IFEZ General Director Yoo’s welcoming address and a congratulatory speech by Roland Wilson, President of the IFEZ Foreigners’ Community.

The speeches were followed by the members of the Foreigners’ Community sharing their experiences in the variety of programs and events offered by the IFEZ Global Center throughout 2019. Foreigners with different nationalities expressed their satisfaction with the IFEZ Global Center’s participatory and support programs for the international population and urged continued efforts for improving the environment for foreigners settling into the region, along with improved communication and unity.
A celebrative performance illuminated the winter night with beautiful colors that escalated from the festive atmosphere. Participants on hand shared warming conversations and took group pictures before closing out the event.