IFEZ Signs MOU with Sema Sports Marketing to
Attract Corporations and Lead Industrial Activation

Foundations Laid for the IFEZ to
Develop into a Global E-sports Center


The IFEZ is set to launch activities meant to attract investment interest from e-sports businesses. On September 30, IFEZ Commissioner Lee Won Jae and Sema Sports Marketing CEO Lee Sung-hwan came together for the signing of an MOU between the two organizations to attract interest from e-sports enterprises and develop the industry in the area.
Established in 2002, Sema Sports Marketing is a marketing company that plans and hosts sports competitions, identifies and manages prospective players, and conducts celebrity and business marketing activities. Its list of clients currently holds the names of golfers Pak Se-ri, Park Sung-hyun, and Kang Sung-hoon, as well as snowboarder Chloe Kim.


The IFEZ and Sema Sports Marketing intend to work closely together in inviting companies, organizations, and colleges involved in e-sports to take up residence Incheon and run e-sports events and education programs. They will also actively share and discuss effective means toward the development of the e-sports industry in Incheon.
CEO Lee Sung-hwan of Sema Sports Marketing said, “Sema will put every effort into attracting major Korean and international e-sports companies to the IFEZ by using its expertise and established networks built up over many years.”


Commissioner Lee stated, “E-sports is an industry showing tremendous potential to be combined with a number of other industries, ranging from media, content, and tourism to AR & VR,” adding that the IFEZ would work hard to assist e-sports companies as they settle into the IFEZ as soon as possible.
The IFEZ and Sema Sports Marketing believe that the IFEZ’s industrial ecosystem is well suited for the e-sports industry, and the two organizations expect their partnership to pave the way for the growth of e-sports startups, while making substantial contributions to job creation for young people demonstrating diverse capabilities and potentials in Incheon.

IFEZ Signs MOU with Shenyang Management Committee of the
Liaoning Free Trade Zone

The IFEZ and China’s Shenyang Management Committee of the Liaoning Free Trade Zone agreed to work together to attract investment and share their experiences relating to smart cities, raising expectations for the agreement to set an example for future cooperation between special economic districts within Korea and China.
On September 10, the IFEZ signed an MOU with the Shenyang Management Committee of the Liaoning Free Trade Zone, with the Shenyang delegation paying a visit to Incheon Metropolitan City to commemorate the 5th anniversary of Incheon and Shenyang becoming sister cities, solidifying their friendship and mutual economic cooperation.


With Mayor Park Nam-choon and Secretary Zhang Lei of the Shenyang Management Committee in attendance, representatives from the IFEZ and the Shenyang Management Committee signed the MOU.
With this MOU, the two organizations agree to cooperate in the science and technology sector in order to share their experiences in building smart cities and to foster investment opportunities. They will also discuss feedback gathered from businesses, share information on development and operation, and plan mutual visits.


The Liaoning Free Trade Zone is a 119.89 ㎢ area spanning Dalian (59.96 ㎢), Shenyang (29.97 ㎢), and Yingkou (29.96 ㎢). It serves as a gateway to Northeastern China for Korea, Japan, Russia, and Europe. Located in the south of Shenyang, the Liaoning Free Trade Zone offers perfect geographical conditions, with roads stretching out in all directions, along with airports and seaports. It aims to develop strategic state-of-the-art industries, especially in the areas of advanced manufacturing and high-tech industries, such as smart manufacturing of robots and new and renewable energy.

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