IFEZ Summer Festival is on a Roll!

It is no exaggeration to say that the IFEZ is ‘the city of festivals.’
In every season in every corner of the city, various festivals are held.
The highlight of these festivals is, of course, the summer festival!
As the saying goes, “Fight fire with fire;” the enthusiastic festivals are even hotter than the heat of summer.
Let’s get into the excitement of the summer festivals held in the IFEZ!

2019 Incheon Yongyu Dragon Festival

Where the West Sea enhances its beauty with yacht, Wangsan Marina at Yeongjong International City held the ‘2019 Incheon Yongyu Dragon Festival.’ The island’s name, Yongyudo, refers to the shape of the island that, as the citizens thought, resembles a dragon (yong in Korean) playing around in the sea. The Incheon Yongyu Dragon Festival is a representative summer festival that effectively highlights the distinguished features of the region, with diversified representations of joy in the theme of ‘dragon.’ The dragon sculptures in various forms are exhibited, and dragon-shaped kites were flying high in the sky. There was also a history exhibition booth that piqued the attention of visitors. Various programs were offered for citizens to participate. On the stage, a Yongyu singing contest and dance performances by children and teenagers were shown. Other various stage events that amused the visitors included the yacht experience, water gun festival, water ball, and dragon playground. From 6:30 p.m., the official ceremony was held, attended by distinguished guests including the IFEZ commissioner Lee Won-jae. The celebration performance marked the peak of the day, with big stars such as Park Sang-min, Kisum, SUPERBEE, and Park Sang-cheol, popular among all generations. As the sun set in the festival scene, the last program of the festival started: brilliant fireworks graced the night sky, and visitors returned home with beautiful memories of the festival lingering in their minds.

Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival 2019

It is said that music is the only ‘drug’ permitted by the government. Though addiction is bad, when it comes to music, the addiction can make life delightful. The Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival, the festival that allures rock music fans every year, was held from August 9 to 11 in 2019. Prior to the festival, in July, the eve festivals were held. At Incheon Global Campus, the ‘Penta Youth Star Contest,’ which was full of young passion, was held. On July 28, in the final round, the top six teams were selected to participate in the main performance of the festival. In the Hak concert hall at Wolmi Cultural Street, the pedestrians responded to the performers with shouts of joy. Even under the over 30°C heat wave of summer, the expressions of the citizens enjoying the ‘Penta Live Stage’ were just as fresh as the sea. The main stage was full of passion. Though it occasionally rained, it was not enough to cool down the passion of the audience. The Fray, Cornelius, Steelheart, Weezer, The Vamps, and other foreign musicians, and Korean singers such as YB, Kim Jong-seo, 9 and the Numbers, Broccoli you too, Gonne Choi, and Jang Beom-jun joined in the musical excitement. All these artists, both artistically talented and popular, created an unforgettable evening for more than 100 thousand music lovers who gathered in Pentaport Park at Songdo International City.

2019 Songdo Beer Festival

Even before the lingering heat from the Pentaport Festival had gone, another representative festival of the IFEZ graced Pentaport Park at Songdo International City. ‘2019 Songdo Beer Festival’ is a special festival that adds taste to the excitement. The slogan for this year was ‘Pause, Let it Beer.’ The message was simple: “Just take a break from the bustles of life and enjoy!” In addition to the exciting performances, dance, and Electronic Dance Music (EDM) party, flamboyant fireworks also decorated the night sky. In addition, a various assortment of different beer brands from more than 20 countries and food trucks with diverse snacks were provided. Even though it was a beer festival, you didn’t have to keep your kids away. There were spaces for kids too, such as Play Zone and Maze Zone with a water slide, water roller ball, air bumper car, Taga Disco, and other attractions. The Maze Zone was brilliantly decorated with lights, of which people loved to use as a photo zone. Other than that, there were many fun events, such as activities with the beer comedy team, a beer can building game, and frozen beer can opening competition. These activities made the taste of beer even more wonderful. What was most attractive in this festival was that for the first time, the festival was free of charge! Visitors were welcome to freely visit the venue and enjoy a cool and special summer day, as good as music and as cool as beer.