Activities of theIFEZ Leading Innovative Growth

1. IFEZ-Incheon Technopark-Chungwoon University Sign MOU


The IFEZ joined forces with Incheon Technopark and Chungwoon University to discover potential startups via Incheon Startup Park and to create jobs for the youth. The MOU on discovering and nurturing startups, which was signed on June 29, has the objective of integrating the Incheon Startup Park implementation project, which is conducted by the City of Incheon in line with the Ministry of Startups and SMEs, and the core project for promoting the employment-scholarship connected program run by the government, which is conducted by Chungwoon University and the Ministry of Education.

The goal of the project is to create more local jobs. According to the MOU, the IFEZ will play the role of bridging Chungwoon University students with enterprises in Incheon Startup Park in order for these students to gain valuable work experience. Chungwoon University plans to support the budget within the range of 700 million KRW, relating the project to Incheon Startup Park and selecting students to work in the area, across all departments of Engineering, Business Administration, Humanities and Social Studies, Design, and Culture and Art.

2. IFEZ Foreign Education Institutions Hold Meeting on Industry-Academia Cooperation


On July 8, the IFEZ met with representatives from Incheon Global Campus’s foreign universities for a summit on industry-academia cooperation at the IFEZ’s foreign education institutions. Participating in the meeting were Lee Won-jae, the IFEZ commissioner, Min Won-ki, the president of SUNY Korea, Robert Matz, the dean of George Mason Korea Campus, Han Tae-jun, the president of Ghent University Global Campus, and Baek Ki-hoon, the president of the IGC Foundation.

The meeting was organized to discuss industry-academia cooperation in full swing with IGC universities, regarding the partially revised Enforcement Decree of the Industrial Education Enhancement and Industry-Academia-Research Cooperation Promotion Act (scheduled to take effect on September 25, 2020), which was passed in the National Assembly back in March.

At the meeting, the foreign universities shared their ideas on industry-academia cooperation, focused on the specialized fields of each university, such as seeking ways to utilize the home campus in order to cooperate with foreign industries, introducing the certificate program operated on the home campus, and establishing the bio process human resources center.

3. IFEZ-resident Enterprises Join Meetings for Different Industries


The IFEZ held meetings for IFEZ-resident enterprises, according to their industries and focusing on discussions relating to three industries closely related to the vision and strategies of the IFEZ. The meetings were held across three days — on July 10, 22, and 23. For the session held on July 10, nine enterprises in service industries, such as logistics, distribution, and aviation, were invited to attend.

July 22 served as the date for meetings with 9 companies from the cutting-edge parts and materials field, while on July 23, 10 bio and health care companies attended. At these sessions, the IFEZ presented the direction and plans for inducing investment for each industry, along with the current status of the IFEZ and main implementation plans.

The IFEZ also exchanged ideas with the companies to seek out cooperative tasks and collected areas for improvement and suggestions from the companies themselves. At the venue, IFEZ Commissioner Lee Wonjae stated, “We will actively review the ideas gathered from companies and will do our best to make the IFEZ an optimal environment for companies to grow in. At the same time, we will spare no efforts in realizing joint development of the IFEZ and its resident enterprises.”

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