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16th Anniversary of the Opening of the IFEZ

The IFEZ celebrated its 16th anniversary on October 16. The ceremony was held among internal members with no invited guests, and it served as an opportunity to reflect on the IFEZ’s past achievements and share its future directions. At the ceremony, the Commissioner’s Award was presented to the Strategic Investment Planning Division and Songdo Infrastructure Division 1, who have made great contributions to the development of the IFEZ. Meanwhile, the Mayor’s Awards were handed to Sim Won-bo, Director of the ICT Promotion Center, Incheon Technopark; Tae Gi-baek, Senior Researcher for Smart City; Choi Chang-oh, Director of Incheon Yehyang Engineering; and Im Sang-hyeok, Manager of DAEBO Communication & Systems Corporation, recognizing their honorable contributions to establishing the infrastructure for a smart city.

Vice-chair of Australian Migratory Birds Study
Group Provides Consultation on
Migratory Birds’ Alternative Habitat in Songdo

Vice-chair Phil Straw from the Australasian Wader Study Group (AWSG) provided consultation on building an alternative habitat for migratory birds in Songdo International City and discussed international collaborations on the protection of migratory birds. Mr. Straw is a member and coordinator of the East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership (EAAFP), housed in G-Tower, and is a world-renowned specialist in international bird study circles. Visiting the space planned for use as a migratory birds’ alternative habitat in Songdo, two Ramsar wetlands in Songdo, and the migratory habitat near Songdo, Mr. Straw acknowledged and emphasized the migratory routes of the birds and the mud flats in Songdo and Ganghwa.

Citizens’ Hearing Held at the
IFEZ Landscape Planning

The IFEZ held a citizens’ hearing on September 27 to discuss the establishment of the ‘IFEZ Landscape Plan.’ Since August 2018, the IFEZ has invested approximately KRW 850 million toward reorganizing the basic plans for the whole IFEZ landscape, along with detailed plans for areas of management, with a particular focus on Yeongjong and Cheongna. This hearing was arranged as a venue to gather citizens’ opinions and professional advice regarding the law-based landscape plan (the IFEZ Landscape Plan), with the aim of formulating shared awareness on the importance of scenery and maximizing the efficacy of the existing plan.

Outsourced Research on the
Expanded Formation of Songdo Bio Cluster

Upon the decision of the research institute for establishing the basic plans for the expanded building of the Songdo Bio Cluster, the IFEZ has now launched a full-fledged research initiative. On September 5, the IFEZ held a kick-off report session on the research project, attended by the IFEZ Commissioner and related personnel from Incheon Metropolitan City. Based on the opinions presented at this meeting, in-depth analysis and practical solutions are to be presented on major tasks for the expanded construction of clusters, including how to identity demand for new organizations to move in, attract anchor facilities, and foster connectedness within Korean corporations.

Kick-off Report Meeting on Establishing
Strategies for Activated Development of the
Free Economic Zones in Yongyu-Muui

On October 10, the IFEZ held its kick-off report meeting on Establishing Strategies for Activated Development of the Free Economic Zones (FEZs) in Yongyu-Muui. Representatives from several related organizations were present to mark the occasion: Incheon Metropolitan Council, Jung-gu Office, Incheon Metropolitan City Development Corporation, Incheon International Airport Corporation, and Incheon Smart City Corporation. Sponsored by the Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS), this project is scheduled for completion by the end of 2020. Over a spatial range covering about 25 ㎢ across the Yongyu-Muui area, scheduled for completion before 2030, the project aims at establishing strategies to promote regional development in liaison with the Free Economic Zones (FEZs) and nearby areas while developing the Yongyu-Muui area as a world-class tourism and leisure hub.

New Head Appointed for the
IFEZ Investment Opportunity Headquarters

Kim Se-jun, former Director of Ko-one Energy Service, has been newly appointed as head of the IFEZ Investment Opportunity Headquarters. Upon receiving the appointment letter from IFEZ Commissioner Lee Won Jae, Kim said, “I will do my best in helping the IFEZ complete its hyper-jump as a business hub in Northeast Asia by attracting global companies and corporations related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Passing the 35th Korean Civil Service Examination, new HQ head Kim Se-jun graduated from the Department of Economics, Seoul National University, and served at the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE), SK E&S, and Ko-one Energy Service.

Skate Park at Yeongjong Seaside Park Opened

Marking the completion of a differentiated entertainment park, the Skate Park has now been opened in Yeongjong Seaside Park, which is a representative park of Yeongjong International City. The IFEZ invested a total of KRW 300 million in building the 600 ㎡ Skate Park over the course of four months, beginning in May. The Skate Park comprises of spaces for inline skating, skateboarding, and BMX riding, consisting of a bowl park for users to enjoy sliding up and down freely, according to the reaction generated from different heights.

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