Songdo Waterfront Construction Project Accelerated

The local government’s investment appraisal for the 1st phase of construction on District 2 of Songdo Waterfront has been completed. According to the results, the IFEZ will complete the working design for construction of this 1st phase by the end of next year, and construction work will be finished by 2023. The project revolving around Songdo Waterfront aims to build an ecological ocean city in the scale of 4.66 m2 in water area, 16 km in channel length, and 40~300 m in channel width.

IFEZ Implements Project for Setting up Investment Attraction Strategies

The IFEZ rendered a new framework for strategies related to investment attraction. From April to October, researchers studying policies related to overseas economies will turn their focus to specific details, such as overseas environments, analyses on resources and competitive edge, analyses on overseas major investment environments, etc. With this research, the “bespoke IFEZ mid-and-long-term investment attraction strategies” will be set, forming a strategic marketing method for innovating investment attraction for each sector.

Infrastructure Construction Begins in Songdo Zones 6 and 8

In the first half of this year, the 3-phase infrastructure work over an area spanning 8.5 km—comprising the installation of roads, joint areas, and traffic facilities—will begin in Zones 6 and 8 of Songdo. The construction work is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022. To date, the 2nd phase of the construction project is already underway, with the goal of finishing in August 2021.

Outdoor Square at Arts Center Incheon Preparing for Festival

Arts Center Incheon is preparing an event that will enable citizens to experience art more broadly. The Outdoor Square Festival will be held from June to October, running on Saturday afternoons, free of charge. This schedule may be adjusted, with consideration for the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

IFEZ Employees Voluntarily Donate Blood Amidst COVID-19

At the end of February, amidst the spread of COVID-19, the nationwide blood donation rate nosedived, threatening the country’s blood supply. Against this backdrop, many IFEZ employees volunteered to donate blood. Excluding those deemed inappropriate for donating blood, among more than 50 volunteers, 33 successfully donated blood.

IFEZ Publishes Litigation Case Book

The IFEZ’s litigation case book on legal disputes in the procedures of investment attraction and development projects was published on March 26. Marking the 17th anniversary of the IFEZ, the book has been issued to enhance work capabilities and prevent the recurrence of similar legal disputes.

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