Incheon Startup Park Incubation Program Opens for Applicants

The application process for companies wishing to participate in the public-led incubation program for Big Data, AI, and Smart Cities in Incheon Startup Park was opened on July 27 by the IFEZ. The application process for companies to participate in the private-led incubation program will open on August 30. The selection of participant companies is scheduled for after the application process

Implementation of 2nd Phase of Arts Center Incheon Project

This project aims to establish an opera house and museum close to the concert hall already in operation. The groundbreaking will take place in early 2023, and construction will be completed by the first half of 2025. Once the project is completed, the Arts Center will become a world-class culture complex for accommodating pop performances, as well as musicals and exhibitions.

IFEZ to Run Accreditation System for a
Foreigner-Friendly Environment

The IFEZ is set to run a pilot accreditation system for a foreigner-friendly environment for restaurants in Songdo. For this system, foreigner-friendly restaurants are to be selected, attached with an accreditation sign, and promoted. The items of evaluation cover whether an English menu is provided and if English-speaking staff work at the restaurant.

Songdo Convensia Opens One-stop
Customer Support Center

On July 1, the one-stop customer support center was opened on the 1st floor of Songdo Convensia. As the contact point for integrated support for all events — representing a first for convention facilities nationwide — holistic customer support services, such as consulting for reservations, booking, and other services required for events, are to be provided here.

One-click Service for Detailed Information
on District-unit Planning to Be Provided

From September on, via the IFEZ’s 3D space information service, detailed information on district-unit planning will be provided with one-click service. With this, building usage, floor space index, height, and other information in the database for details on district-unit planning will be visualized, meaning users will be able to check the needed information simply by clicking on the floor plan.

Songdo Convensia Smart K-quarantine
Management System Implemented

For the first time in Korea, the IoT-based Smart K-quarantine Management System will be realized at Songdo Convensia. The Incheon Smart MICE pass application that tracks the information and location of visitors and an automatic temperature detector based on facial recognition will be introduced. The operation will kick off in September

‘Happy Study Room’ Launches Its 3rd Season

On June 18, the partnership ceremony for the IFEZ Happy Study Room’s 3rd season was held. This season, POSCO A&C CO., Ltd. joined on as a newly added sponsor. The IGC Foundation will also join the program to run the study-mentor program.

Cheongna City Tower Passes Deliberation
on Landscape

The 12th IFEZ Landscape Committee met on June 11 to raise different agendas, including a ruling on Cheongna City Tower and its complex facilities, which conditionally passed the deliberation. Once Cheongna City Tower is constructed, it will become the highest observatory tower in Korea and the sixth highest in the world.

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