Art Center Incheon Seeks out New Name

Art Center Incheon held a contest from May 25 to June 5 in its search for a new name to embody its symbolism and uniqueness as a global cultural complex. Approximately 2,600 ideas were collected through the event and the fresh and future-oriented winning name will be the one that earned the highest score. By the assessment of the selection committee, the final name will be selected and announced in the second half of this year. It is highly anticipated that Art Center Incheon will be reborn as a unique and global cultural space under this new name.

Construction of Underground Road Entrance to Incheon New Port Is in Full Swing

When the four-lane underground road with a total length of 4.3 km is completed, the driving conditions in Songdo District 11 will be greatly improved, and it will lead to the prevention of accidents involving large vehicles. The IFEZ will soon decide on the roles and responsibilities in terms of installation and management, while discussing such matters with all involved institutions.

Delegated Operation Extended for
Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Hotel in Songdo

Recently, the committee for evaluation on the renewal of agreement for the operation delegated to private sector gave a score of 88.84/100 on the operation performance, service, and planning of Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Hotel. As such, the IFEZ has decided to renew the agreement, ensuring that the delegated partner would do its best for the hotel’s operation until April 2025.

IFEZ Exempted 1.7 Billion KRW for Public-Property Usage Fees

As part of its efforts to support small-sized businesses hit by COVID-19, the IFEZ has exempted usage fees by 50% from February to July for 41 enterprises residing in or using IFEZ public property. The standards for exemption comply with the plans for exemption in usage and rental fees on public property to support damages from COVID-19, as published by the city of Incheon.

IFEZ 3D Space-Information Service to Support Foreign Languages

Beginning in the second half of this year, the 3D Space-Information Service from the IFEZ will also be provided in English and Chinese. Using this service, all information on Songdo, Yeongjong, and Cheongna can be displayed in 3D, 2D, or aviation-VR. As of the end of March, 217,000 users from 71 countries had taken advantage of the service.

IFEZ Launches Blog and Social Media for Tourism and ‘Gastroventure’

The IFEZ runs content tailored to the characteristics of specific channels, such as its ‘IFEZINE’ blog, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, based on IFEZ-created content that promotes tourist spots and ‘food-experience’ opportunities. The IFEZ plans to run live broadcasts for future events and festivals, along with influencer FAM tours.

IFEZ Global Center Resumes Korean Classes Online

Due to COVID-19, Korean-languages classes geared toward foreigners in the IFEZ had been temporarily closed since the end of January. However, classes were resumed online in April for beginner class 3 up to the high-level class, with 33 students from five classes participating where possible through interactions between instructors and students.

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