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IFEZ Global Center opened at SongdoG Tower five years ago.
It helps foreigners settle down in Korea through various cultural programs.
The global center will offer various events to foreigners following last year.

Global Village Festival

Charity Bazaar

Providing Various Services for Foreigners


IFEZ Global Center is playing a key role in helping foreigners settle down in Korea. The Global Center provides foreigners living in IEFZ with consultation and administrative services, a Korean language course, cultural experience, and foreigner communities. Particularly, the center helps foreigners with communication difficulties with services they need in daily life in relation to hospitals, banks, and traffic. This service is provided through e-mail, telephone, and visit in person to 1,200 foreigners a month on average.
Korean language courses, one of the programs being conducted this year, involve foreigners the most. The classes are divided depending on the foreigner’s fluency in Korean into the Regular Class, which offers different levels ranging from beginner to advanced, the Hangeul Class for absolute beginners who have just begun to learn the Korean alphabet, and a Lunch Class for workers. The center also promotes Korean culture through cultural classes for nokcheongja pottery and classical Korean music alongside visits to historical sites. A charity bazaar and the IFEZ Global Grand Festival are also held to promote communication and harmony between Korean citizens and foreigners.
In April, the Global Center offers a pottery studio and natural soap and scented candle studio programs to share Korean culture. The pottery studio is about making nokcheongja (green celadon) and will be taught by master craftsman Gap-yong Kim. The natural soap and scented candle studio will be held every Tuesday from April 2 and will last for four weeks. The Global Center will continue to offer various cultural classes so that foreigners become familiar with Korean culture.

Pottery studio

Korean Culture Class

Korean cooking program

IFEZ Global Center April Events

Nokcheongja (Green Celadon) Pottery Experience

Date and Time : April 1 – May 27 (Mondays)
※ 8 Week Course, no class on May 6
Time : 10:00 ~ 12:00
Location : Culture Center “Art Plug”, Yeonsu-gu
Number of Applicants : 14 foreigners living in IFEZ
Instructor : Master Craftsman for Nokcheongja, Gap-yong Kim
Application Period : March 18-28
Application Method : Homepage (

Natural Soap and Scented Candle Making

Date and Time : Tuesdays, April 2-23
※ 4 Week Course
Time : 14:00 ~ 16:00
Location : IFEZ Global Center
Number of Applicants : 20 foreigners living in IFEZ
Application Period : March 20-28
Application Method : Homepage (

Contact 032) 453-7350

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