Introducing a NewConcept for OfficeCulturein Songdo.

UOWORK is a co-working space that opened in Centroad, Songdo, in 2016. Through the collaborative network offered,
many startup business owners from various fields have come together in their work. This is where the future growth engine for the IFEZ is being nurtured.

Inside View of UOWORK Songdo

With the advent of the 21st century, the concept of co-working spaces has become a new office trend. This concept makes it easy to respond to the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as users effectively build networks with those around them. It is also possible to operate a business efficiently, as there are no separate utility fees, such as maintenance costs, deposits, and other fees. UOWORK is now occupying the market as a domestic brand in advance, competing with the giants in the office-sharing industry, such as WeWork and FastFive.

UOWORK currently has five branches, including the Songdo branch and branches in Samseong, Gangnam, Chungjang, and Geumnam. All branches offer business spaces, such as lounges, cafés, conference rooms, meeting rooms, and phone booths. Users are provided with different services to select from, according to the characteristics of their businesses.

For example, they may choose a selective office, designated seat, independent office, or non-stationed office. The biggest benefit is that, upon becoming a member of a certain branch, users can freely move to other branches. UOWORK also does its best to infuse the sense of local characteristics for each branch.

The interior design of the Songdo branch reflects the image of Incheon City, depicting the port, sea, and wetlands. In addition, given the local characteristics of many fledgling startups, the air of a casual and free atmosphere has been achieved. It is expected that, once the IFEZ’s industrial cluster kicks off its operation, along with the Fourth Industrial Revolution of Incheon Startup Park and Cheongna Streaming City, UOWORK will become a credible partner for the IFEZ.

Meeting room

Phone booth



1. Meeting rooms equipped with teleconferencing and client-meeting devices
2. Phonebooths for comfortable working via phone
3-4. Flexible spaces where people can choose their desired work hours and seating
5-7. One-person offices that can be transformed and utilized according to the worker’s style

CEO Interview

“I want to make a space where people can work pleasantly.”

In my early 20s, I participated in an NGO. During my experience, I frequently went on business trips overseas and got to see the well-established culture of co-working spaces in the U.S. and Europe, which really impressed me. As such, I sought out ways to “apply this efficient system to Korea,” and this led me to launch UOWORK. UOWORK values flexible response, friendly communication, and active feedback. As we build our business, we are continuing to study things from the software perspective, as well. As of now, our online system has been established, which enables users to book meeting rooms and manage credits, while, in the future, the features of welfare point support and settlement for affiliated companies will be added. The name ‘UOWORK’ is from the verb, ‘유오(遊娛)하다(uohada),’ which means ‘to hang out and enjoy time together.’ My hope is that resident enterprises can work happily and plan their futures alongside UOWORK.

Choi Hong-jun, CEO of UOWORK

UNESCAP East and Northeast Asia Sub-regional Office HoldsKoreaChina-Japan Webinar

Webinar Held by UNESCAP East and Northeast Asia Subregional Office (photograph provided by Kyeongin Ilbo)

On July 2, the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) East and Northeast Asia sub-regional office held a webinar with the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) of Korea, China, and Japan on the theme of exemplary cases and experiences from the three nations on how to respond to COVID-19. At the venue, Korea highlighted how the country promptly and accurately conducted broad diagnosis examinations from the early days of the outbreak. China mentioned that it classified COVID-19 patients into five phases, based on symptoms, and that light-symptom patients were swiftly quarantined to a large-scale facility. Japan introduced cases that focused on pathological studies by group, recognizing the risks of group infection in the early stage. Hisashi Michigami, the secretary general of TCS, said, “As Korea, China, and Japan are recognized as countries that responded well to COVID-19, these three countries will further deepen their cooperation to contribute to the world at large.”

Incheon International Airport Corporation Achieves No. 1 in Safety, along with Five Awards

Awards Ceremony for ‘2020 National Disaster Management Performance’

The Incheon International Airport Corporation has achieved a strong performance in the government’s evaluation on disaster safety and industry safety, based on its excellent safety management system. The corporation received the level of excellence from its ‘2020 disaster management assessment’ by the Ministry of Interior and Safety, also receiving the presidential award (institute) from the national disaster management agency, acknowledging its excellent performance in responding to COVID-19, along with the award from the Minister of Interior and Safety (personal). In the sector of industrial safety, it received the highest award in the contest for presenting exemplary cases of safety and public health activities for public agencies for 2020, organized by the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA) on July 8, and also received the excellence award in the contest for presenting exemplary cases of risk evaluation, organized by KOSHA, with participation from the corporation’s affiliated company.

Hanbit Drone Launches New Drone Product forIndustrial Use

Matrice 300 RTK, a New Drone Product from Hanbit Drone

On June 17, Hanbit Drone disclosed its newest product, Matrice 300 RTK, an industrial drone that can fly for up to 55 minutes at a time. The drone can function in conditions between -20℃ and 50℃. Thanks to its system that horizontally detects six directions at a maximum of 40 m, the drone can safely avoid barriers while conducting its missions. When any aircraft or other drone is nearby, the operator will receive an alarm message via embedded air-sense technology. It supports 65,535 flying channels (way points) at maximum. In addition, it can transmit full-HD video from 8 km away and a moving object can be automatically recognized, tracked, and enlarged. All of these features make this drone product particularly appropriate for firefighters and police activities. The product also supports the feature for two operators to control the drone at the same time. This feature can be utilized for pilot training, as well.

Incheon Port Authority Opens New International Passenger Terminal

New International Passenger Terminal in Songdo, Incheon

On June 15, the international passenger terminal began operating, starting with its freight section. The scale of the terminal is 36 m in height with an area of nine soccer fields (total ground area of 66,805 ㎡), and at the port in front of the terminal, there are seven berth slots for car ferries, enabling space for six car ferries at a 30,000 ton-level and one car ferry at a 50,000 ton-level. Besides these berth slots, there is an additional slot for a 225,000 ton-level cruise ship. The terminal building’s appearance is both dramatic and spectacular, with its roof comprised of five curves symbolizing the five oceans. In order to support those with mobility issues the terminal’s indoor environment is free of barriers. In addition, by introducing a cooling and heating system that uses geothermal energy, the building’s energy efficiency was greatly improved. The terminal plans to operate car ferries that connect to 10 cities in China; however, due to COVID-19, there will be no passengers traveling for a while, and the site will only be used for container cargo.

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